Kites: Movie Review

Preview show. Rupees 250. n yes, for those sitting 2 rows behind me, Rs 270. Fame cinemas at Whitefield’s Forum Value Mall had 3 preview shows on Thursday, and all three were housefull. No wonder Fame chose Kites to fly their rates even higher, adding rupees twenty to every ticket.

Worth that much? I guess not.

OK. Kites is a good movie. Doesn’t have that much of story but then Anurag Basu knows how to make a movie and when you have all the money from BIG Pictures and Rakesh Roshan and all the time of a talented actor like Hrithik, he can create magic, and he almost did, as through the entire movie, you know the end, but still, somehow, it keeps you hooked. All points to Anurag for that (But then, he had done it so much better in Metro, though it had a bit more story than Kites).

Other than the story thing, Kites is fabulous. Take any department, acting, music, background score, cinematography, and where it comes, choreography, all of them are awesome. Hrithik and Barbara do share a chemistry and you can watch it on-screen. The small cast, Hrithik, Barbara, Nick Brown (the guy playing the villain), Kabir Bedi, and even Jamaal, the chauffeur played by Yuri Suri are all good. Kangana gets a smaller role than expected though.

The best things about Kites are the music, the background score, the cinematography, and of course, its direction, though I had expected more than this from Anurag after Life in a Metro. He has tried new things (eg, the picturization of Tum Bhi ho wahi) but in a few places it becomes clichd, maybe because of the story. Salim-Sulaiman have been really wonderful with their background score and I absolutely loved that. Cinematography is good in general and the desert scene looks superb.

I guess there isn’t much more to say though I can keep on going. So I would like to summarize it with a tweet of mine.

Not a great story. But otherwise, almost everything is great. Watch it once I’d say.

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