Aarakshan: Biased? Anti-Dalit? Anti-Anti-Dalit?

Prakash Jha is a master filmmaker. I mean, fine, he was into some advertising in here and had Star News, Tata Photon and what not in the time when he talks of Mandal Commission and introduction of 27% reservation, but he comes up with a good movie on a sensitive issue and manages to keep it almost as unbiased as it is possible, and gives views of both the sides.

But then, the movie has some anti-dalit dialogs that come from the alleged upper caste people. And again, I would say that Jha has handled things very carefully here because while it’s not possible to make a good movie on the subject without including at least some such dialogs, he has put the counter-views in the same place to keep the balance.

The interesting thing here is that while the villain here are clearly politicians and businessmen who try to get their own profits out of every policy, Jha has shown the plight of everyone who becomes a victim. While on one hand he explains the problems of ‘dissimilar start line in race’ very clearly, he also shows the pain of an upper caste peon’s son who could not make it to the college of his choice because of reservation.

And then, there is his hero who does not want to believe in caste, does not believe in untouchability in the least bit, but asks his ‘Pandit’ peon not to touch his feet saying he’d be a sinner if the peon does that, even though not seriously. But most important of it all, his hero believes that he as a teacher should be above caste etc. but gives free education to those who are less affluent and do not have ‘equal’ means, irrespective of caste, and on the same ground he personally supports reservations so that everyone can rise.

So, in a way, the movie can be called pro-dalit, or anti-anti-dalit as it goes against those who are anti-dalit, but it can not be termed as anti-upper caste. Calling it anti-dalit is not even a possibility, even with the presence of a few anti-dalit dialogs in the beginning of the movie, because while Jha has tried to show the problems and emotions of everyone, including a mother who thinks a rule that goes against her child’s life/career is wrong. Yes, she sounds biased, or rather is biased, but she is true too. And towards the end, he has tried to give a solution as well, though it is not too practically applicable at a large scale and which needs highly selfless politicians which looks next to impossible today.

But overall, I’d say that the movie is almost as good as it could be. And while watching the movie, at some point I was feeling that Amitabh was right in asking Rajdeep Sardesai to watch the movie and then comment, especially in view of the former’s own character in the movie.

(Views expressed here are my personal views about the movie and do not endorse any political or other agenda)

Buddha Hoga Tera Baap: Music Review

After what I saw in the promos, and after knowing that the songs were sung by Amitabh, what came in the first song, Haal-e-dil, definitely surprised me. This romantic number has the first half sung by Amitabh with very little music in the background, and when the music is there in the second half, it makes the song even better. A lovely one. DO listen if you like Big B singing.

Then the title song is of course what you have heard on the TV in the promos. The rappish number is hummable but not much musical and hence not very good without the video.

After that, the Dub step version that also brings in Vishal Dadlani, is not an instantly likable thing, but then in some places the processing of the song is interesting and if you are one for technical stuff in songs, you might want to try the song once.

The last song of the album is Sunidhi’s Main Chandigarh di star, picturised on Raveena Tandon. The song, almost completely in Punjabi, has some interesting music, but much more interesting lyrics. In my opinion, if the video is good, the song may click well.

As for music, there is nothing much in the album except for the one Haal-e-dil, in which Big B sounds very musical, at least to the his fan in me. Rest of the album should be just enough to support the movie.

The Magic of KBC

It’s been ten years.

I still remember, when I switched the TV on, a lady had won Rs 40,000, Yes, ‘ F o r t y T h o u s a n d ‘, and she could win 80,000 if she answered this question right. And lose it all, and get just 10,000 if she answered it right. She had some idea but then, how could one risk so much money on just an idea? So she decided to quit. And then Amitabh Bachchan asked him, _____ ji, yadi aapko is sawal ka jawab dena ‘hota’ to aap kya jawab detin?

Lady: Option C. Mohinder Amarnath.

Amitabh Bachchan: Computer ji, ______ ji keh rahi hain ki wo Option C ko lock kartin, batayiye sahi jawab kya hai….. OOoooh, ye sahi jawab hota.

Long sighs everywhere. The lady has a face with a natural expression that is confused whether to be happy or sad. And me? I’m still under the spell. Probably even today as I live the moment again. That was the magic of KBC. Of that legend known as Big B.
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Teen Patti: Movie Review

I had huge expectations. But they started dying when the movie with a less than required quotient of suspense started becoming a rat race. But then the second half came as the pleasant surprise that I was expecting for at the time of intermission, and I got at least something for my expectations.
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Movie Review: Rann: Yeah, Rann Hai!

If you ask me how many stars I would give to Rann, I won’t go for anything less than four if I gave a four to 3 Idiots. The movie may have it’s own shortcomings, which even 3i had, and may not even be that entertaining, but then, it’s not always about entertainment, as the movie itself says.

Rann is a lot. It’s a good movie on a good topic. It’s Ram Gopal Varma back to the form; quite as he was in Sarkar. It’s an actor’s wonderful entry in Bollywood (though he was in Phoonk and is a well known Kannada hero). And above all these, it’s something that we should see.
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MY Most Awaited Movies

Ask me about the three most awaited movies for the next 3 months and you won’t find a Khan in them. They will belong to Ranbir Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan and Naseeruddin Shah, with Arshad Warsi.

Either you’d be shocked by that, or you would have guessed the movies I am talking about.

Well, for now, my most awaited movies include Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year, Ishqiya, and Teen Patti. Followed by Rann and My Name is Khan, the latter more because of Kajol than SRK.

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Paa too in Court!

As per a Times of India report, a lawsuit has been filed in a court charging Amitabh Bachchan with violating the disabilities act through ‘Paa’ in which he plays a 13-year-old boy suffering from progeria, which accelerates the ageing process.

Big B has been accused of poking fun at people with disabilities.

The case has been filed by Patna High Court lawyer Shruti Singh in the court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate under The Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995. It has also been filed against director R. Balkrishna.

“I filed a case in the court demanding a probe into whether ‘Paa’ violated the act or not,” Singh said Saturday.As a result, the lawyer’s name has come to the front page of the Times of India and I hope many other places. So her work must be over.

“My stand is simple: If it violated the disability act, the authorities should act against the producer and actors of the film for making a joke of disabled people,” she added. Now, after watching everybody using all their spare tissues to wipe their faces, I’m wondering how Auro and co. made a joke of disabled people.

Wasn’t there a fine of 10000 bucks or something on useless PILs? Well, 10k well spent by the lady then.

Movie Review: Paa

And the question rises once again. What are movie reviews for? To give one’s opinion on whether a person reading the review should go and watch the movie or not. Isn’t it? So I can finish reviewing Paa in one, two or three words. Here are the three reviews.

3 Word Review: Just Loved it!

2 Word Review: Go, Watch!

1 Word Review: Paa.

Rating: 9 on 10. In the hope that Mr Bachchan may still have some surprise someday.

My WORK is over. But if you still want to read on, you sure can.

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Mere Paa (Amitabh Bachchan): Lyrics

A wonderful song sung by Amitabh Bachchan. The lyrics and music of the song are wonderful, but the credit is taken away by Amitabh Bachchan for his superb singing. I guess it’s his best song ever. Here are the lyrics as I got them.

meri jaan teri hai mere paa
meri maa teri hai mere paa..
meri maa teri hai mere paa
meri jaan teri hai mere paa..

maano meri baat
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Paa: Music Review

Paa is an album I had been long waiting for. No, it’s not something that you would be humming after listening to it once and forget by the next month. It’s something that will take its own time, to come as well as to go. One important thing about the album is that while Ilayaraaja has been good with his music in the album, Swanand Kirkire has been an equal with his pen as the lyrics are wonderful almost everywhere, without much of an exception.

Here is my review of the album, Paa.

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