Me Mamu and 7: Music Review (Chander Makwana, Sanjay)

The title track of the album, sung by Shaan, is a really avoidable number. Raja Hasan’s Billo Rani seems to have some nice beats from the start but then probably that’s the only nice thing about the song, again, making it sound like a Bhojpuri movie’s song, with some added noise.

Pyar kiya hai by Shaan is one bearable song in the album, that, mostly because of Shaan’s soothing voice and the music which doesn’t threaten you with its noise quotient. In fact listening to the song, it seems that the song could even be worth something if treated with some better lyrics, and a probably a little better arrangements.

Raja Hasan’s sab kya jaane is a sad song with a Sufi touch to it, another not bad piece of music in the album, with lyrics better than others, too.

Amit Hotchandani’s Ae Rab Zara is another good song in the album. It’s a nice composition with not much noise and even though the song is not given to a professional singer (and it almost shows at times) the song is easy on ears.

In short, the album is almost completely avoidable except for the songs sab kya jaane and to some extent, Ae rab zara, which can be worth a try.