Speedy Singhs: Music Review (RDB)

Akshay Kumar gets RDB to compose for his home production Speedy Singh, earlier titled Breakaway. Definitely, the album has all Punjabi songs, all dance numbers at that, but the albums still sounds good, if you’re one for the type. Here is a review.

The album starts with ni aaja ve sung by Veronica with H-Dhami. Veronica once again sounds nice and the song is quite good, but the pace of the song would need a remix to make it a bigger hit. Wonder why it’s not there in the album.

The second song of the album ‘Shera di Kaum Punjabi‘ is a typical RDB song, which reminds you of Singh is Kinng title song, but is equally effective even today.

The third, Sansar, is a little different, and I think could be quite good but the song is filled with rap and I am not a great fan of raps. Though the arrangements, especially the light ones behind the rap are good.

Veer da viha sung by Jassi Sidhu is a more typical Punjabi number where RDB don’t leave their mark as arrangers, which I feel is their forte. Good. Not too great.

The last, Rail gaddi by Jassi Sidhu again is something that is quite simple but sounds nice, interesting and can be really addictive if you listen to it for a few times.

Overall, Speedy Singh is almost exactly what one would expect from RDB. An album full of Punjabi dance numbers and lot of beats. But even here, it’s their old number Sheran di Kom that seems to beat everything else. Still, worth a listen if you are into RDB. (in case you don’t know RDB, they have earlier created Singh is Kinng title song, Om mangalam mangalam for Kambakkht Ishq, Paisa Paisa for De dana dan, Sadi Gali etc.)

Thank You: Music Review

Anees Bazmee definitely does things in an upside down way. That’s how there is Thank You after Welcome. This one again comes from the Pritam’s Factory of Dance-n-forget Music. Here comes a review.

The album starts with Mika’s Pyaar do Pyaar lo, that you might have caught on TV. The oldie-newie song sounds more like a remix and looks very much like a try to redo apni to jaise taise from Housefull. I guess Pritam has been successful, but not so much as SEL were with theirs.

The next song, Razia, is sung by Saleem and Ritu Pathak, but Saleem can be confused for a girl with his high pitch here. Allah bachaye meri jaan ki razia gundon mein phans gayi sounds like a typical item song and Ritu sounds pretty good with her singing. Nothing new, just another good product from the Factory.
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Tees Maar Khan: Music Review

Tees Maar Khan comes as a relief. The relied that Vishal-Shekhar finally create something that is not the same as I Hate Love Storys and Break ke Baad. As for what it IS, the music comes as some Masala music for the masala film Tees Maar Khan is going to be.

The album starts with a very Characteristic title song that very much identifies itself with the movie, as the movie is supposed to be on a person who steals money from biggies, something similar happens with the song, which copies music from here and there and just puts it here. Quite a bogus thing from Shirish Kunder, where the only thing worth knowing is that Sonu Nigam is all the voices in the song.

Now, Vishal-Shekhar come into the picture, or Sound, to be more precise. The first song is Sheila ki Jawani, sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and supported by Vishal Dadlani. Now the song is not a typical item number with all desi moves as the title may suggest, but it’s an item number with a fake-spohisticated touch, but sounds fine as the fakeness is deliberate. The good thing is that Vishal-Shekhar know what they are doing. Vishal sounds good in his few lines. Okay as of now, should be very likeable in the video.

Wallah re Wallah, which also features Saregemapa’s Kamal Khan among its many singers, is a highlight of the album. A qawwali with some okay lyrics and well-made music is worth listening to. In fact for keeping the qawwali sound good even with all those added beats should have been something not really easy for the composers. Good work there. Makes for a good listen and I guess would make a perfect thing with a jazzy video showing Salman Khan. The wallah wallah part can prove addictive while the rest of the song goes good on melody. Expect the song to be a rage if the video comes out good. Should be.

Badey Dilwala, the next, is a Dabangg Omkara thing with an added comic mood, trying to make things sound a bit different from the two songs and kind of succeeding. But then Sukhwinder Singh singing the song again makes you think about Dabangg and Omkara, can’t help it. Sukhwinder though sounds more like in a Dil-haara form. Some very interesting lyrics add to the interest and popularity quotients of the song.

The fifth n last song of the album, fourth by V-S, is Happy Ending, a song with some beautiful chorus and some lovely plus slightly comic lyrics. The best part of the lyrics is the honesty of them and Vishal-Shekhar somehow are really good at sounding honest, right from the time they created Tu Ashiqui Hai, not comparing the two songs at all, at the same time. The song starts with something that gives you a feel you’re going to get a ‘chaand taare tod laaun (Yes Boss)’ and then moves on to get you something more comic than what you probably, still not disappointing. Also, with Prajakta Shukre, Harshit Saxena, Abhijeet Sawant and Debojit singing the song, I somehow got an Indian Idol feel in the song, but I cannot say if that was just a figment of my own imagination. O yeah, I know Harshit was in VoI, but then majority counts. 🙂

Overall Tees Maar Khan is not a musical thing to be precise, but then the music is fine and very much in sync with the movie that Tees Maar Khan is expected to be. What you might miss in this one after Om Shanti Om is just a Ajab si ajab si adaayein. Jag Soona Soona Laage was not meant to be a part of Tees Maar Khan anyway I guess.

As of now, what I loved the most, a bit surprisingly for myself, is ‘Happy Ending.’

Let Down: Tees Maar Khan title. I think the title theme should have been given to V-S. They can prove pretty good at such things. Doesn’t the Golmaal theme say so?

Tees Maar Khan Meaning

Tees Maar Khan is a phrase that is used generally for a person who claims to be extremely brave though he is not actually one. Tees maar khan is one of the characters of Sheikh Chilli stories.

For more details on the word, please check the source article here at Bollymeaning.

Nanachi Taang!

and, oh, btw, the meaning of Nana-chi Taang, which is incidentally a song sung by Akshay Kumar in Priyadarshan’s Khatta Meetha now, is what you call in Hindi ‘teri aisi ki taisi.’

nanachi tang is a Marathi Phrase which would literally mean nana ki taang. Now, it also happens to be the title of Akshay Kumar’s first ever song in a movie. The Punjabi guy reportedly speaks good Marathi and now his first song is based on a Marathi Phrase too. This Singh is really a King!

Khatta Meetha Trailer looks Typical Priyadarshan

“apne desh mein jitne bhi road contractor hain, sab apni zindagi aaram se guzaar dete hain, ek hi road baar baar bana ke.” I found myself actually laughing when I heard the sentence from Sachin Tichkule aka Akshay Kumar in the promo of Priyadarshan’s coming laugh riot Khatta Meetha.

Here comes the promo of the film.