Down the Road: Book Review

Almost a month go when I received this story book, Down the Road, to write a review of, I thought I’d read it cover to cover within 2-3 days, maximum a week and get the review out. But as it generally happens with story books, it took me a month passing through the mixed bag of the good, the bad, the okay, the innocent and almost every type of story that could be there connected to schools and colleges. And the good part is, that I enjoyed most of the time I gave to the book.
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Book Review: Another Chance (Ahmed Faiyaz)

One day a Twitter friend randomly asked if I was interested in a book review. I had not done much book reviews in past some days, so I randomly said yes, and he said he’d send the book. Then there were some delays from both sides and finally after some three and half weeks I could find some time to start the book.

And very frankly, within less than twenty four hours, I had finished the book more than 90 percent, when I had to stop due to some reasons. Of course, the book was running through my mind and of the things I wanted to do was to thank the author Ahmed Faiyaz as well as the person who had asked me to review the book, Aseem.

No, ANOTHER CHANCE is not a classic, nor is it the best book I have read. But somehow the book touched me deep inside, and that is what I truly loved the book for.
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