Aladin: Movie Review

AladinWarning: If you are above eighteen and proud of it, the movie may not be for you.

Yes. Aladin is not for those who remember the length of reel of the movie is 3646.35 meters. It’s for those who do not mind the Khwaish town which is somewhere near Delhi and Chandigarh falling somewhere near Nainital and Almora in Uttaranchal.

In short, if you are searching for an error-free, technically sound, perfect movie, DO NOT watch it.

But if you’re up for seeing and believing in whatever is happening on the screen as long as you’re in there, you’d probably love it.

I’d seen many reviews of Aladin and I would probably not see the movie at all had it not been for Vishal and Shekhar‘s huge recommendations on Twitter. Though I had to unfollow Vishal on my phone due to excess advertisement of the movie.

OK. I had gone to the movie with near absolutely zero expectations, just to see what were the effects everybody was talking about. It was a morning show and even though the hall was less than one third filled, I could see a lot of children and mostly their faces were as happy पढ़ना जारी रखें “Aladin: Movie Review”

London Dreams: Movie Review

Dear Vipul,

If only you knew that we, the people of India, who happen to be your audience, are living in the 21st century and not in ’70s or ’90s, London Dreams would be a blockbuster. Still, your effort was good, and I must congratulate you for a better than average movie you made.

That was all I had to say to Vipul Amrutlal Shah, the Producer-Director of London Dreams. It was a great story, and Suresh Nair deservesappreciationfor that. And while Vipul has done a lot good in the movie, there have been some spoiler moments that make the movie an above-average from a blockbuster-to-be.

WIth London Dreams, the first thing I was in doubt about was the cast. This was the first film of Vipul where he didn’t have Akshay Kumar. And Ajay Devgan, Sorry-Devgn, was not considered a good choice for a rockstar by many, probably most. But the intensity of Ajay’s character is something that would be difficult to find with Akshay. So I sort of agree with the idea of taking Ajay, and in time, he sets himself in the movie well. Salman has lived his role fine, but in parts he’s made to play Govinda which becomes too much at times. Asin is fine in her not-so-much-to-do role and looks fresh. In fact as Priyanka cannot be there in every movie, Asin seems like a good choice.

Om Puri, though, is just for adding weight to the cast and hardly has a role. He is limited to giving free advices to Ajay which he only listens to at the end of the movie.

London Dreams

When I started the movie I had zero expectations but as the movie grows up, it gets better and your expectations rise. Ten minutes before the interval, during Barso Yaaron, the movie reaches its peak and for once you feel it’s the end. But then, the movie proceeds, story going in a somewhat Shakespearean style and keeps you sticked to the chair until the on-stage one-way fight between Ajay and Salman. And that is where the movie falls apart. पढ़ना जारी रखें “London Dreams: Movie Review”