Kartick and Gotam Hit Mumbai Today

Great news for the fans of non-film music. Oops, this one is only for those in Mumbai. Music producer Patrick Sebag (Kartick) and Sound Designer Yotam Agam (Gotam) are coming to Mumbai today with their collaborative project called Business Class Refugees.

Kartick and Gotam are Global musicians in its truest sense as they mix local music from around the world with Electronica. They collaborate with local musicians to overlay local artistic interpretation and signatures.

You can get a feel of their music at the EarthSync website, and choose whether this world class expression of music is made for you. And you, made for this experience.

Here are the details of the show.

Date: July 16 & 17, 2230 onwards
Location: Blue Frog, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Artists: Yotam Agam, Patrick Sebag, Mahesh Vinayakam (Vocal), Yoav Benzel (Drums), Padma Shankar (Violin), Eyal Mazig (Bass), Meher Malik (Dance)

For more details, you can mail to connect@earthsync.com, tweet to twitter.com/earthsync, or simply make a call to Georgina D’ Costa at 04442052532.

Making the Rupee Symbol

The new Rupee Symbol is launched, but then there is no rupee Symbol in the computers or anywhere else. Making this symbol is quite easy. But then how to make it on computer is a problem unsolved. Still, we have a way to make a picture of the symbol quite close to the original one and that one’s pretty simple.

To make the Rupee symbol, simply go to Google transliterate and Switch it to Hindi. Now type R and press Enter/Space key. Now you can see a Hindi ‘ra.’ Copy this, open MS Paint or any similar software, go to add text box and paste it there. Now you can change the size and color of your Rupee symbol to be. The rest you have to do is, draw a line parallel to the top line just below it. Make sure the thickness of the lines is same and the distance between the two lines is almost the same as the thickness of the lines.

Here you get what looks almost like the Rupee Symbol. What is actually different here is that the actual symbol is a bit more curvy and goes less up in the middle. If you have patience, you can try some other fonts like Agra Thin (available here) and follow the same technique to get an even better result.

Nissan Micra: The Keyless Baby

I don’t really specialize in cars, but I have been interested in this little car called Micra and as I read the reviews of the car one after the other, I thought I could summarize a few things about the car that is going to be out there on July 14th, especially those things I liked to read and would love to have.

Familiar Styling: OK. This one wasn’t on top of my list. But then it’s one of the first things out there. Nissan has kept a familiar look without an edgy design so as to create a robust image. Though the car looks ‘exciting’ from front with its ‘sporty’ nose.
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Everybody says I can Write

OK. Maybe not everybody, but certainly people around me think I can write. So much so that sometimes even I fall into the trap and start thinking that I can write.

O come on, I hardly can write!

For one, if I could write, I would have written a book by now. For sure.

Yes, I have an uncle who used to make caricatures. At the same time he was a poet too. And then, he started writing. Writing as in, he started writing books for children. First it was mostly stories, with illustrations all around, of course. And then, he got all those suggestions, and ideas, and he started writing non-fiction for children. Oops! Haven’t you heard of that? Well, non-fiction for children here are books that tell children what a bank is, what a post office is, or how a computer works. As I ‘write’ this, I can think of those books as children’s Wikipedia. Easy, Simple, Illustrated, and short. I mean, if you start telling someone how a bank works and what are their benefits to people and government, all those basics, how long would it take? A few pages. He wrote them, and they sold like anything. OK. Not like anything, but when I get to see the books by a Meerut author in Bangalore’s book festivals, he must be selling something.

So, the question is, what has this got to do with my writing? Well, the point I was trying to make is that my uncle writes so many books, my father has been published (my father writes small poems and sometimes stories too, you can also count most of the speeches I gave on Independence days and republic days and Gandhi Jayantis and even my debates during school) and as long as my mother had time to spare, she went on to give talks on AIR. To be very straightforward, I have been given numerous offers to write almost any type of book and I will be published, but…

I can’t write.

I sometimes blog (Should I count those reviews too as blogging? I don’t think so!) and somehow get a few hundred followers everyday for my so called blog where most of the visitors reach only because of my reviews, of albums, songs, and some movies. Even out of the remaining ‘blog’ posts, more than half are half-reports of what-happened-with-me-in-the-city. Rest half (or less than half) are, maybe, some writing.

OK. I guess, to some extent, I can write. But can I, really?

Alone and Hungry!

Living alone may have its own advantages, or rather it does have its own advantages, but then it also has a long list of disadvantages. And food comes on top of them. For me at least.

Well, generally I happen to keep a lot of junk with me for such times. Times when I am alone and hungry. But today it so happens that I am out of my stock of junk and as I had an early dinner and have not slept as yet (it’s 2:46 am right now), I am hungry.

The worst part about being hungry at this time (does time really matter?) is that even though I have things to cook, I won’t cook a thing. Something that happens only if you are alone. In case you got a roommate, or someone you can share your food with, or, even more interestingly, do not want to share your food with, you would probably have more chances of cooking than in case you are all by yourself.

Sitting alone, even Maggi doesn’t feel that great. Wait, I guess it does. Actually, anything you eat is fine when you’re alone. It’s cooking that is the difficult part. At least for the lazy bums like me.

What about u, btw?

PS: I’m still hungry and this post is hardly going to do anything to my hunger (won’t even add to it cuz it’s a short one writteen in no time). Wonder if I will have anything other than the Real Juice after the boring Amul Chocolate I had. O yes, Amul Chocolate without fruits n nuts n all IS boring. I agree.

Update: After writing this post, I cooked some tasty rice (with Butter) in the microwave (for the first time) and had with sauce.

Twitter starts promoted tweets, when?

OK. I don’t know exactly when it happened but I saw it, and it’s there. Micro Blogging platform Twitter has started Promoted tweets (read advertisements) and they can be seen when you search something. For example, I saw my first Promoted tweet when I clicked the hashtag ‘#didyoureallythink’ today.
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Google changes appearance!

Though it is not confirmed as people are getting to see different things, but for me, Google has changed its logo and appearance. Interestingly, while the google.com website is showing the new logo to me, Google.co.in still has the old logo in place.

The new logo of Google is not much different from their old one, but the shadows under the letters are removed, and so the difference is noticeable at the least. Here are the 2 logos of Google as could find from my desktop screen. The one on top is Google.co.in while the one below is Google.com, the new logo.

But then, talking of the whole appearance, it seems that the new Google is looking somewhat like Bing, though they don’t show a page’s summary if you hover on that, something that Bing does.

Here is a new look of the Google search results page. Click on the picture for a larger view.

T20 World Cup 2010: India Schedule

I just happened to see the schedule today, so felt like many more people might be looking for this. In Cricket WCT20, India is in Group C, with Afghanistan and South Africa, and both of India’s league matches are scheduled at 9:30 local time so that we can watch them at 7PM.


Sat, May 01, 7 PM
India v Afghanistan
Beausejour Cricket Ground, St. Lucia

Sun, May 02, 7 PM
India v South Africa
Beausejour Cricket Ground, St. Lucia

Interestingly, many of Group C winners’ matches after the league stages are at the same time, that is 7 PM, though some of them are late too. Semi finals and Finals of World Cup T20 are at 1130 local time, that is 9 PM in India. So in case India reaches there, you can watch those matches.

Bhasad – Raavan calling Raam

Daddu n Motz’ room. Positions: Daddu with Laptop on chest. Baldz half asleep with his perpetual doubts still awake in his mind, with me trying to adjust somewhere between them. Loadz almost sleeping nearby.

Mika Singhing the adopted version of Lawaris’s Apni to jaise taise in the background. Discussions about the song just over.

Me: Daddu, u heard that Beera Beera?

Daddu: Which movie?

Me: Don’t worry about that. Start typing. (Daddu in the meantime had opened a youtube window)

Daddu: Arre, Raavan. Sahi hai. Kab aaya?

Me: Abhi kal hi aaya shayad.

Trailer is going on. Baldz suddenly starts moving a bit. I can feel the danger.

Baldz: Ye Aishwarya thi na? Ye bi hai?

Daddu: (busy with trailer) Haan.

Baldz: Abhishek Raavan bana hai isme?

Daddu: Haanji. Abhishek hai, aishwarya rai bhi hai, aur Vikram hai. Abhishek Raavan hai. Aur Vikram wo bana hai aapka… Raam. Tamil version mein ulta hai. Usme Vikram Raavan bana hai aur Abhishek Raam.

Me: Hain?

Daddu: (continuing) Saath mein Farhan Akhtar bhi hai. Picture ka naam hai Raavan calling Raam. Raavan Raam ko phone kar ke bolta hai, kyon be, tujhe kya lagta hai tu apni biwi ko chhuRa ke le jayega!

Baldz: Saale….

Me is smiling.

Neeta Ambani Weight Loss!!

Google is great. But then, people are even greater and now that Google is telling us more about what people are searching, things become even more interesting. For example, I had missed Neeta Ambani lifted by Harbhajan Singh yesterday and was searching for any pics of the moment online. But as I typed Neeta Ambani on Google, there was my surprise. Right after Wikipedia, it was Weight Loss that was attached to the name of Neeta Ambani, something like this.
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The Cheapest QWERTY Phone in India

What is the lowest price for a QWERTY phone in India? All I saw yet was in the range of 4-5k, the lowest being probably Rs 3220 by some FLY mobiles. But breaking all these records, Intex has come up with a QWERTY cellphone for Rs 2200.

The Model, IN 2020 QT, is a dual SIM GSM handset with 1.8″ screen and has a LED torch too. The phone has two languages, Hindi and English.

For details, read the Mobigyaan page here.

What to do on Twitter?

I am a Twitter addict and have made a number of friends through the website. I have got news, advice and help there and have given the same when required by others. So I do recommend Twitter to friends many times, but whenever I do so, I generally face a question — What to do on Twitter? So here I try to answer this.

1. I do not have friends on Twitter, Why do I join it then?

Frankly, Twitter is not Orkut, or even Facebook. Twitter is much more open in terms of talk, and you can and do talk to people you hardly know. You follow unknown people for various reasons, like matching interests, similar likes or dislikes, business prospects, sense of humor or simply because of the way they tweet. So when you go out there on Twitter, find people you like and simply start following them. If you want to keep limited to your friends strictly, Twitter may not be the best platform for you.

2. What do I actually do on Twitter?

You have joined Twitter and even started following your friends (which might not make big numbers) but not many people follow you and you have no idea what to do next. This is one thing that happens to almost all of us when we join Twitter.

Unfortunately, most people give up early and that is the reason Twitter is still limited in it’s reach. In case you are really interested, you will find a way, but if you are not that interested, you leave Twitter and many times it may leave a part of your potential unexhausted if you were planning to join Twitter to promote something, like your business, services, or some campaign. So if you are on Twitter and wondering what to do, here are some things to start with.

Speak. Yeah, Tweet. Simply starting to write whatever you’re thinking, that is, speaking your mind, is probably the best way to start. People around may befriend you for your views. Just be yourself, and don’t try and act ultra smart. That, sometimes, may go negative.

Follow. As I said, keep searching for more and more people with similar interests as yours. The more people you follow, the more you get recognized in the Twitterverse. Also, write a good and short bio for yourself. That helps people people with similar interests find you.

Interact. If you’re following someone, do try to interact with them. If anyone needs help and you can, go ahead and leave an @ reply to the person with whatever you can offer. Retweet people with credit if you think others will like to know what you just read in a tweet. The more you interact and help people, the more they like you. I have many friends on Twitter I have never seen but who do help me with anything they can simply because of the personal rapport we share.

Indulge. Yes, Indulging is more than just interacting. If you have a good sense of humor, you are more than welcome on Twitter. So are you if you have a good knowledge of the world around you. Do not show off, but if you involve yourself, especially when there are some trends doing rounds, you can be better identified and more liked.

Get informed. Frankly, since the time I joined Twitter, the need to read newspapers has reduced considerably as I get more news on Twitter itself. You may follow newspapers, news channels and all on Twitter, but actually they aren’t much needed either if you’re following a number of active people, say hundred or more, because in that case, you get almost all significant news in tweets.

3. How can I promote my business on Twitter?

Many people are joining Twitter to promote their businesses, services or simply their websites/blogs. If that is your objective, be sure of one thing: Until you’re a major name in your business, blandly promoting your business/service won’t help. Go on Twitter like a normal tweeter (even if you’re tweeting with your business’s name) and build rapport with the Twitterverse by interacting, involving yourself and indulging and make your promotion a part of your tweets. That way you can make your business reach more people. @90di is a good example of promoting business through Twitter.

So here is what I think is essential to get started on Twitter. I hope next time you go to Twitter, you don’t ask what do I do here. 🙂

Why I Do Not Give Star Ratings to Music Reviews

Whenever we review something, we decide how it is on the basis of stars. And we expect the same when we read a review. But I still do not prefer to give star ratings to my music reviews (many times I don’t rate even movies with stars, but I do not have a problem with that, and sometimes I do rate movies with star ratings).

I have got suggestions from some of my readers that I should give star ratings to my album reviews. But somehow, I do not feel like doing that. Here are my reasons for that.

Firstly, I feel that every song is a different song and so I do not put ratings for entire albums, as I feel individual songs get lost if there are good songs in bad albums.

For example, if a 2 star album has a 5 star song, there is hardly a chance many people will get to know about it

To try and reduce the burden though, I write about what songs one should try while summarizing every album n u can find every songs name in bold in the review. So u can just read the Summary n get to know about the album.

Also, mostly my n publics reaction depend a lot on the expectations from an album. This relativity cannot be adjusted with stars as the star rating has to be similar throughout a platform.

Basically, stars give a quick idea of things, but they fail to reach the motive of this blog in many ways. Hence, I avoid stars.

I just want u to read three or four sentences summary to know about an album. I hope u would understand what I am trying to do and cooperate with that.

Thanks for the visits, appreciations, comments and suggestions. Keep visiting the blog and loving it.

Hockey World Cup 2010: India Schedule

Now that India has won its first match against Pakistan, we want to see more. So here is the schedule of the matches India will be playing in the Pool Stage of the World Cup Hockey 2010.

March 2 2010, 8:35 PM: India vs Australia.
March 4 2010, 8:35 PM: India vs Spain.
March 6 2010, 8:35 PM: India vs England.
March 8 2010, 8:35 PM: India vs South Africa.

The semi finals will be played on 11th March, at 6:05 PM and 8:35 PM. Finals will be played on 13th March, 8:35 PM. Hope I see India there.

All matches Indian Standard Time (IST). All matches to be played at Dhyan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi.