SBI Swift BIC Code for Adsense Payments

This was a small issue I was facing, which would have been big had I not got the solution. If your branch doesn’t have a SWIFT code, you can use nearby branches’ code, or so I was told.

I did that, and things were working okay, until one fine day, Google told me: “Automatic Payment Cancelled: Wire Transfer to bank account xxxx-xxxx for $X.” This was almost ten days after the payment was issued from Google. Apparently there was something wrong on the bank’s end. Somehow the SWIFT thing was not working fine.

So I checked with my father who is an SBI employee, and at the same time kept on Googling, and a couple of days later, the two of them told me the same thing. There is a Foreign Exchange branch in Kolkata which is responsible for USD to INR transactions.

Not sure if that is the exact case, but it’s something of the sort. What mattered for me is that I tried using the SWIFT code for the Foreign Exchange Branch, that is SBININBBFXD, which is quite different from all the other SWIFT codes and has no numbers, and it worked, and has been working fine since.

So if you are in doubt as to what SWIFT code you should use for Adsense payments to your SBI accounts, or if your payment failed because of a SWIFT code issue, you can use this one. As long as the Account Number and the IFSC code are correct, I hope there should be no issues.

Disclaimer: This post is based on a personal experience and written because of the problems faced while looking for a solution. Author is not responsible for any losses incurred because of the usage of the solution mentioned. Please double check the solution mentioned for your own safety.

How to Write Captions for Photoblogs

Do you have a photoblog? Or a website where you publish photos? I hope you are writing about those pictures. Aren’t you? Because it not only helps your viewers enjoy the pictures more, it also makes your blog more reachable, because search engine can read that text and get you more visitors.

Now, the next step is how to write an interesting caption. I was writing some captions for a friend a few days ago and he liked them. Then he started writing captions on his own, but they were not as good. Finally I decided to write some guidelines for him, and thus started this article.

Also, before we start, what this article is not is how to write captions for those newspaper/magazine photos where you just have to mention who all are there in the picture. It’s when you want to be a little creative and are in the space where you have that freedom. There, let’s begin.

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Bangalore Literature Festival 2013 Photo Gallery [Day 2]

Here is a small picture gallery from Day 2. For full size pictures, click on the pics.

Koi aur Baat Chale
Koi aur Baat Chale

Bangalore Literature Festival 2013 – Day 1

This was the first time I went for this festival. I got to know only a few months ago that last year Gulzar Saab came to Bangalore, gave a public appearance, and I missed it. So this time I had decided to finally see him. Yep, that was the first and foremost reason for going to the literature festival.

Anyway, the reason told, here is some idea of what I saw on day one.

The day had to begin at ten in the morning, but I was a little early. Deliberately, though I had no plans as to what I’d do there. Things were slightly late too, and the opening ceremony began something around 1020-1030.

There, after the Dollukunita dance, Chandrashekhara Kambara, a Kannada poet-playwright presented a small good-wish speech, while Nabaneeta Dev Sen objected to the use of word ‘bhasha’ as just regional languages in India. Ramchandra Guha gave a little Tamil-in-Bangalore lesson and Ashok Vajpeyi tried to keep the mood light with his short-light talks. Finally when Christoph Bertrams was selling us some Seagull books after Vikram’s someone-even-postponed-his-wedding-for-this-event story, we decided to take a round of book stall, with my G-Mitra Mohit Kataria there too.

After finding and not finding some books, we sat for a few minutes to hear the panel discussion on ‘Vision for India’ but heard only some views of Mohandas Pai, before we were out for something again. And then around 1245 it was Sri Sri Ravi Shankar whose full session was watched. The session was okay, but some of the questions from the public were so ordinary that they made Sri Sri look like a genius there.

Farhan at BLrLitFestAround two, it was Bollywood time. Rakeysh Mehra, Prasoon Joshi and Farhan Akhtar were there for a session and Bhawana Somaaya had a good time talking to them, as did the audiences, where Rakeysh said Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was ‘not a true blue biopic’ but an inspired story. Prasoon talked about things that would have been as shown in the movie, had they been at all, taking the example of the scene where Divya Dutta wears Milkha’s India jacket, and Farhan even had to sing four not-so-sureelee lines with an to-the-core besuree audience. It was Rock On title song, if you must know.

Tata Docomo: 2+ Years, Benefits going, Network still missing

I bought a Tata Docomo connection the day it was launched in Bangalore. And probably in India as well, which makes me one of the first few thousand customers of Docomo. On that day, there was no reason not to buy it and since I had an extra phone, I went ahead and put the SIM on my secondary phone. And so lovely were the plans of Docomo that within a week, my Airtel SIM was on the secondary phone, and in almost two months, every provider was counting the benefits of one second pulse. And probably that’s the reason I love DoCoMo, besides because it’s a Tata thing.

At that time, Docomo was good mainly because of its plans. The network was not too great, but it was as good as one could expect from a company just launched. It was not there in basements, lifts, remote areas and in some buildings, for example Manipal Hospital was one place where it wasn’t there in almost half the places inside the building.

But things were manageable and with the speed Docomo was putting their towers, I had expected that maximum within a year they’d have network as good as Airtel or Vodafone.

Guess I was wrong.
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Amit Sial: Man and the arms

I am not too keen a follower of movies or theater, but of course I try to remember every big name in music. Big means a name related to whatever I like in music. And one such name I remembered some two days ago, when I was listening to the songs of Saheb Biwi aur Gangster. The name was of Amit Sial, who has composed a very lovely ‘main ek bhanwra’ that is sung by Shail Hada. In case you haven’t seen the music review of the movie and haven’t heard the song, please do. At least listen to the song.
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Gulzar: Unke alfaaz kya, parinde hain…

I don’t know if I’m good enough to write something about Gulzar. But I love him, and somehow feel that it’s something that makes me fit to write. And hence, I write.

The thought probably came when I was listening to 7 Khoon Maaf, more precisely when I was listening to O mama, and then Aawara. I don’t exactly know what the thought was, but I will try to put it into words anyway. The thought was of Gulzar, his age, his words, and more thoughts that I do not remember or may not want to talk about.

Well, first thing was, who ever thought Gulzar will be writing Rock songs? Listening to O mama, while I was mesmerized by Vishal’s music and KK’s singing, Gulzar’s words fit in there as if water in a jug. I was thinking that the person who wrote ‘Mora Gora Ang Lai Le’ almost fifty years ago, and then ‘mera kuch saamaan’ two decades after that, is writing O mama today, and with his words alone, is as much a part of today’s generation as a someone born after his fifth filmfare award.

I remember his words from the filmfare awards this year about Vishal Bhardwaj as he said, ‘Ek naujawan ka shukriya ada karna bahot zaroori hai.. isne mere lafzon ko jawan rakha hai’ (It’s necessary to thank a youngster.. he has kept my words young), and I do agree with him. But what is most wonderful is how Gulzar has been able to write those young words while maintaining the same quality that he was known for, say, three-four decades ago. Yes, he still writes lines like ‘Dushman jiye mera, wo bhi gair to nahi,’ in that rock song itself.

And then, there is that thing I yearn for, the way he can use the language. He was the one who came up with things like humne dekhi hai in aankhon ki mehekti khushboo and surili ankhiyon wale, and even though today’s lyricist try to come up with such things sometimes and to some extent, are successful too, Gulzar has that command on language that is still missing with them all. I have loved the lyrics of Prasoon Joshi and Amitabh Bhattacharya innumerous times, but I do not know someone who can write ‘saara din sadkon pe khali rikshe sa, peechhe peechhe chalta hai’ and ‘chhod aaye hum wo galiyaan’ with equal ease, or someone who can even imagine the lines ‘aankhen tez tatayya dono jeebh saanp ka phunkara’ or ‘chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai’ or even a simple sounding ‘dil to bachcha hai ji.’

No, I don’t know anyone who can write ‘ek hi lat suljhane mein saari raat guzari hai.’

That is what I fear. For a life when I will not be able to listen to Gulzar’s songs, because it’s almost sure that during my lifetime a day will come when that pen will no more be writing.

And so, I wish he lives past hundred in all health. And that pen keeps going, on and on, forever.

And here I’ll finish for now the unending topic, with something that I wrote with him in my mind:

bharte hain Roz hawaon mein Udaan,
phir bhi kabze mein unke rehte hain,
unke alfaz kya, parinde hain..

Whackiest Blog Post on Dabangg!

Dabangg was good, and to me, the best thing of Dabangg was the movie’s comedy. But today I saw a Blog Post that made me laugh probably more than the movie itself. A guy tries to tell you the story of Dabangg on Facebook, while you have Chulbul Pandey, Dukhiyari Amma, Chhedi Singh, @Mast_Mast_Nain, Beuda Sasur, @Munni_Badnaam_Bhabhi, and even Useless Makkhi tweeting and facebooking.

Must, Must watch thing, and mind you, every single letter put on the post seems to be written with a thought. I wonder how long the author, Sujoy, has worked on it. His best post I have seen till date.

So no more chabad-chabad-patar-patar. Here is the link to the post.

3 years of Blogging

It’s 11th September, 2010. While many are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, many are celebrating Eid too. My best wishes to both. The USA on the other hand, is mourning the 9th anniversary of terrorist attacks. And I realize that I today complete 3 years of almost regular blogging.

I wrote my first post on Blogger on 11th September 2007. I wouldn’t certainly have remembered that if it wasn’t for Google where I still am active with the same account I held three years ago too. And I wouldn’t probably remember it either had the date been anything other than 9/11.

Anyway, now that I know, like always, I’ll see some numbers, and even you will if you’re not too bored and not decide to leave the post.

My first blog was My Big Big World on Blogger, where I wrote exactly 100 posts, both big and small. My first post written on September 11th was about a college ‘reality’ show called Besuregama which was arranged by some of my friends at a very small level, so small that only the 9-10 of us present there enjoyed it. Sadly, I have lost most of the footage of the show, though it was completely captured.

Anyway, after blogging there till July ’08, I shifted to a new blog called ‘Zehreelay‘ and I tell you, the name was more inspired by my reputation in college for my PJs rather than the Rock On song. Again I had some one plus year’s posts (some 75+ posts) there until I started my blog Happysing.

But before that, there was more in between. With Zehreelay, I blogged on musicalised and musicalized about music only with more than 160 posts on the latter. The latter also boasts of some 14k visits till date.

Today, I’m blogging on HappySing, that is this blog, which has some 320 published posts, and BollyMeaning, which I have started some two months ago, which has some 150 posts and gets some 2k+ visits everyday at present.

I just wish I keep writing. Wish me all the best.

Ten ‘Pop’ songs you shouldn’t miss

‘Pop’ is a genre of music, but for me, it’s been private albums and bands, which made all the ‘pop’ for me in childhood, and I still use the word like that many times. Hence, today I present a list of my favorite ‘pop’ songs, in no particular order, hoping that some of the songs that deserve to be heard reach a few more people.

Tere Naina (Jhoomo re/ Kailasa): One song I love like anything. I can listen to this one at any time, anywhere. And I just love it always. Deep, soulful, moving Kailasa.

Kothay Uttay (Saari Raat/ Devika): A song based on Hindustani Classical music as per the album cover of Saari Raat. A piece with some soft beats and lovable music. Barkha Bahar of the same album is a close too.

Meri Tarah (Fitoor/ Mohit Chauhan): It’s difficult choosing one song in this nostalic-ish album of Mohit. My guess is I picked this one for its awesome lyrics, which are again penned by the singing genius himself. A soft, lovable one in that super voice.

Har Jagah mein (Tu hi mere Rab ki tarah hai/ Mithoon): Mithoon’s album never made it big, but there were some good song in the debut album of this little master of music and this one is probably one of them. I’d say a typical Mithoon song with him at his best.

Mann Chandre (Connections/ A R Rahman): A R Rahman. Sukhwinder Singh. And a bit-sad, bit-philosphical, punjabi song. Do I need to say more? I guess not. Still I’d say, listen to the awesome chorus in the song. Rahman is not one who uses a chorus too much, but when he does, the effect is something like you can see here.

Mehfooz (Mehfooz/ Euphoria): Euphoria at its best is not always euphoric. Sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it cries out loud. Mehfooz might not be the top selling album of the band but the title song of the album is as deep and touching as any of their best hits. At par with mayeri and ab na ja, mehfooz is something to cherish forever.

Rain bhai kaari kaari (Humsafar/ KK): I don’t know what I should call this song, but it’s like a mix of somewhat classical stuff with some rock mood. KK, in his album Humsafar, sings this wonderful song called rain bhai kaari kaari din ujiyara. All I’d say is, listen to it, at least once.

Kaise jiye hain hum (Maheroo/ Jojo): I remembered Jojo for that mad song called Woh Kaun thi since my childhood, and then there was Maheroo, his other album after a long time. Hoping for a great album, I did listen to the whole album. Well, album wasn’t all that great but there was a song that I completely fell in love with. Kaise Jiye hain hum. A nostalgic song from someone destroyed in love (line copied from Fanaa), it has a nostalgia mix too, with the sound of a train. Interestingly, the mix is worth a try too.

Saiyyan (Jhoomo re/ Kailasa): Another song of the best of Kailash Kher. Came after Teri Deewani. Though popular, the song couldn’t do so well as Teri Deewani, but I think I love this one more. Only two words for the song – Kailash Kher.

Door Kahin (Nine): I hope you reach the end of this post, because Door kahin of Pankaj Awasthi is not only a favorite of mine, it’s different too. It’s a romantic song, with lyrics deep dpwn in romanticism, but it’s nothing like a typical romantic song. A wonderful thing to listen to.

Just do tell me if you like the songs. And also if u don’t.

Tip: I’m bookmarking this page myself. 🙂

How to remove Who to Follow from your Twitter

Irritated and annoyed by this new, stubborn feature of Twitter called ‘Who to Follow’ that looks like part of Twitter’s Facebookization? Well, here is a temporary solution. It still has to be seen how long it lasts.

I know that if we keep clicking the cross signs, all the suggestions keep coming back like they do in Facebook, but the trick is to click ‘View all’ under the suggestions and when you reach the page full of suggestions, just put your mouse at ‘hide’ and keep clicking as all of them hide one by one. Some twenty clicks and your Twitter is back to its normal, old self.

Now that I have done this, suggestions are not there at present but sooner or later they will come back. Now how successful is the method depends on how long does Twitter wait before I get suggestions.

Update: The thing works for say, one day, after which Twitter comes with a few more suggestions. However, if you are a Chrome user, you can remove the thing for always, with this app.

Bhoomi Trivedi: Indian Idol to Radio Jockey?

Indian Idol has announced that one person from the top five will become Radio Jockey (RJ) for Radio Mirchi. And if I come to think about it, it can be only Bhoomi who can become an RJ among the five.

In fact it’s quite possible that after seeing Bhoomi’s potential only the Radio people have decided to come up with such an offer.

Do you think there’s anyone else good enough to be a Radio Jockey?

iBangalorean: In-City, Out-Law

Petrol prices are up. So are fares of buses, and cabs, and autos. Well, bus fares have gone Rs 1 up on every ticket, be it Rs 3 or Rs 11. Not a very good ratio but still OK. Cabs have raised their fares too. And now the autowallahs also are trying to get the price raised, and frankly, I do not mind if they do get that, if only they were charging meter fares.
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The Magic of KBC

It’s been ten years.

I still remember, when I switched the TV on, a lady had won Rs 40,000, Yes, ‘ F o r t y T h o u s a n d ‘, and she could win 80,000 if she answered this question right. And lose it all, and get just 10,000 if she answered it right. She had some idea but then, how could one risk so much money on just an idea? So she decided to quit. And then Amitabh Bachchan asked him, _____ ji, yadi aapko is sawal ka jawab dena ‘hota’ to aap kya jawab detin?

Lady: Option C. Mohinder Amarnath.

Amitabh Bachchan: Computer ji, ______ ji keh rahi hain ki wo Option C ko lock kartin, batayiye sahi jawab kya hai….. OOoooh, ye sahi jawab hota.

Long sighs everywhere. The lady has a face with a natural expression that is confused whether to be happy or sad. And me? I’m still under the spell. Probably even today as I live the moment again. That was the magic of KBC. Of that legend known as Big B.
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Building a Better Vocabulary

A good vocabulary is a thing we all crave for, and use many methods told at times. But the results are never as we want them to be. And though many techniques enrich our vocabulary, the level we want to achieve or the techniques claim is seldom obtained.

A simple fact is that building a good vocabulary is not easy, whatever technique you use and whatever claims several advertisers make. But it is not impossible either. You need to understand a few simple things and take care of them while working on your vocabulary. And the first one is, the earlier you start, the better you do. So, let’s start.

Today is the Best Day

Next week is not the best time. Next month is too far. Tomorrow has never come till date. Yes, if you want to start, today is the best day to start. The earlier you start building a good vocabulary, the better it is. But if you haven’t started it yet, there is no point in thinking why. Find your material, make a dictionary handy, and start today.

Be Regular

If there is one key to learning, it’s being Regular. Once you start, remain regular whatever happens. Doing fifty words a day and leaving four days makes no sense and you won’t get results. Do less words if you have less time on some day or stick to only revising old words, but do not leave a day.

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