Sadka Kiya meaning

If you’re not much into Urdu, this one may bowl you over as Sadka/Sadqa has a meaning that doesn’t come easily from the song Sadka kiya. Sadka literally is ‘giving voluntarily in the name of God’. So the lines Sadqa kiya yoon ishq ka actually mean that the person in question has given love in such abundance that the one who takes, finds the giver whenever s/he bows his/her head.

Bit tough to understand, but that was the meaning I could get out of the lines.

Bhool gaye hain, joote kahan utare the..

chhoti chhoti chhitrayi yaadein, bichhi hui hain lamhon ki lawn par, nange pair un par chalte chalte, itni door aa gaye hain, ki ab bhool gaye hain joote kahan utaare the.

I’ve been loving the dialogs and the song preview of Udaan. Amit Trivedi gives some good music again and Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics are awesome. And then, the dialogs…

Here are the lyrics that I got from the theatrical trailer, read them, listen to them, love them.

kahani khatm hai, ya shuruaat hone ko hai
subah nayi hai ye, ya phir raat hone ko hai
aane wala waqt dega panaahen
ya phir se milenge doraahe
khabar kya, kya pata…

and an awesome end to the trailer with.. sach bhool gaye hain joote kahan utaare the, par lagta hai ab unki zaroorat nahi..

Khatta Meetha Trailer looks Typical Priyadarshan

“apne desh mein jitne bhi road contractor hain, sab apni zindagi aaram se guzaar dete hain, ek hi road baar baar bana ke.” I found myself actually laughing when I heard the sentence from Sachin Tichkule aka Akshay Kumar in the promo of Priyadarshan’s coming laugh riot Khatta Meetha.

Here comes the promo of the film.

Mithoon Comes back with the Music of Lamhaa

Sanjay Dutt’s long pending Lamhaa is finally about to release. Lamhaa’s music will be out soon too. And my guess is, it will be worth waiting for. After a long gap, Mithoon is coming back with Lamhaa and this time he’s coming up with almost all new singers, for him that is.

This time Mithoon’s album is going to feature Rahman’s old favorite Chinmayee in at least two songs while in one of the songs she will be singing with Mika Singh. Another song in the album is given to Palash Sen of Euphoria while he also brings pop-singer Arun Daga for a song. Besides all these singers, Mithoon will be singing himself for the album too.

Here is the track list of Lamhaa:

01 – Madhno Re – Chinmayee, Kshitij Tarey
02 – Salaam Zindagi – Arun Daga
03 – Main Kaun Hoon – Dr. Palash Sen
04 – Saajnaa – Mika Singh, Chinmayee
05 – Zameen O Aasmaa
06 – Rehmat Zara – Mithoon

Sanjay Dutt Joins Twitter as @DuttSanjay

And the latest to join Twitter becomes Sanjay Dutt. Composer duo Vishal-Shekhar’s @5hekhar introduced Sanjay with “The man with a big heart and loved by all. Please welcome our friend @duttsanjay. Give him love tweeple!!” which was a little surprising for me, as I don’t really know how they connect.

Anyway, it seems Sanjay’s next movie Lamhaa is near. He has it’s poster as DP n background.

Follow Sanjay Dutt at

Bollywood Sucks T-shirts Sold Here!

No. I’m not changing my blog to a shopping website. In fact I’m sorry if the misleading title actually did mislead you. But then, I love I Hate Luv Stories and I loved the Bollywod Sucks T-shirt so much that I will surely be wearing it if I get one somewhere. Yes, I’m looking for a billboard saying ‘Bollywood Sucks Tees Sold Here!’

Frankly, I didn’t fall head over heals for the very first promo of IHLS, but then the way Imran goes What the F… after ‘ek ladki thi deewani si.. aur main bas yehi keh paata tha,’ I just loved that.

Yes Imran, Raj was never really my hero, but with Bollywood sucks, you have a better chance. 😛

Why is Kites named so?

I watched Kites. And liked the movie too, but I didn’t get till now why it has been named Kites. Yes, I don’t yet know why is Kites Kites. So I tried to find the reason behind the name ‘Kites’. So here I go.

After some good scenes in the water, they could name the movie Blue or something, but then in the time Kites was being made, a movie called Blue was made, released, flopped, came to TV, lost TRPs, n got lost altogether, so they went for Kites.

With Barbara and all those Foreign locations and crew, and then an international version too, the movie’s budget was flying high like anything and hence they decided to name it Kites.

Some sources also tell that with the poster of Kites, they were trying to name the movie ‘Bites’ but the censor board didn’t allow that poster and the name together, so they changed the name and retained the poster.

A very simple thought was that with Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johar also doing everything with K, Rakesh Roshan didn’t have many words left and so he simple said, K for Kite. And hence, Kites.

But the most probable reason is something else. As someone has said, the word Kites is a metaphor. I guess it is that. Kites was hyped, and so the opening the movie is receiving is awesome fantastic and wonderful. It’s reached the heights. Kites. Omg that rhymes. But then, with so less of story, the movie will, maybe come down and get lost somewhere, like a Kite. So, Kites.

So, I have thought of my reasons, choose yours or gimme some more. 😛

Raavan: Soundtrack

So finally Mani Ratnam’s Raavan is here. Or so it will be, on April 24th, when Rahman’s music is out. Abhishek Bachchan can be seen in the video of Beera sets up a high expectation from the album, as well as the movie. Here is the soundtrack listing of the movie as found yet.

Behene De – Karthik
Beera Beera – Vijay Prakash
Kata Kata – Ila Arun, Sapna Awasthi & Kunal Ganjawala
Khilli Re – Reena Bhardwaj
Ranjha Ranjha – Rekha Bhardwaj & Javed Ali
Thok De Killi – Sukhwinder Singh

So hopes from the songs of Raavan are high. Check the video of the first song Beera too.

Salman Khan Joins Twitter too, as BeingSalmanKhan

So finally Sallu bhai aka Salman Khan joins the Twitter, something that looked almost impossible. In his first tweet, Salman says he joined the website on Arbaaz’s recommendation. In his first two tweets, Salman looks to be in his typical touch and doesn’t try and talk a more mature language or something.

You can follow salman at his twitter account from this link.

Shammi Kapoor joins Twitter

Now this is big. He need not promote his films, he does not want any business from his fans. Here is the superstar of yesteryear, the star of films like ‘Tumsa Nahin Dekha’, ‘Dil Deke Dekho’, ‘Budtameez’, ‘Junglee’, ‘Jaanwar’, ‘China Town’, Professor, Rajkumar, ‘Kashmir Ki Kali’, Teesri Manzil, An Evening In Paris, Bramhachari, and Andaaz, the one and only Shammi Kapoor.

Follow him on Twitter from his profile page
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Follow him. Rahul Bose on Twitter.

So guys, actor, rugby player and almost a reformist (yeah, count the cloth bags at his home, he doesn’t use plastic) Rahul Bose is on Twitter now as his first tweet hit the stage this evening.

Though, it still needs to be confirmed it’s THE Rahul Bose, it looks like one, and not because of the picture. 😉

You can follow Rahul Bose at

3 Indian Movies in IMDb top 20 list of 2009

Now that was a surprise for me. And for everyone who heard or saw. In 2009’s list of highest rated movies, there were 3 movies in top twenty while I found 3 more in top 100.

The list had Anurag Kashyap’s Dev.D on 8th in the list with an average of 8.3/10 while 3 Idiots was on 13th with 8.1 and again Kashyap’s Gulaal was on 17th.

The other movies in to feature in top 100 were Kaminey (27), Luck By Chance (55) and Wake Up Sid (63).

The list featured Avatar on top with 8.6, followed by The Secret in Their Eyes, Up and Inglourious Basterds.

LINK to the list.

Suraj Jagan: The Rockstar got Sunshine

Suraj Jagan. I had noticed the name for the first time on the cover of Rock On!! He has been singing from even before that but finally Suraj Jagan found the fame he must have been looking for after Give me some Sunshine of 3 Idiots. Finally he is singing for big budget Bollywood films, and interestingly, he is getting number of songs that comes under the rock genre for some time now.
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