London Dreams: Movie Review

Dear Vipul,

If only you knew that we, the people of India, who happen to be your audience, are living in the 21st century and not in ’70s or ’90s, London Dreams would be a blockbuster. Still, your effort was good, and I must congratulate you for a better than average movie you made.

That was all I had to say to Vipul Amrutlal Shah, the Producer-Director of London Dreams. It was a great story, and Suresh Nair deserves appreciation for that. And while Vipul has done a lot good in the movie, there have been some spoiler moments that make the movie an above-average from a blockbuster-to-be.

WIth London Dreams, the first thing I was in doubt about was the cast. This was the first film of Vipul where he didn’t have Akshay Kumar. And Ajay Devgan, Sorry-Devgn, was not considered a good choice for a rockstar by many, probably most. But the intensity of Ajay’s character is something that would be difficult to find with Akshay. So I sort of agree with the idea of taking Ajay, and in time, he sets himself in the movie well. Salman has lived his role fine, but in parts he’s made to play Govinda which becomes too much at times. Asin is fine in her not-so-much-to-do role and looks fresh. In fact as Priyanka cannot be there in every movie, Asin seems like a good choice.

Om Puri, though, is just for adding weight to the cast and hardly has a role. He is limited to giving free advices to Ajay which he only listens to at the end of the movie.

London Dreams

When I started the movie I had zero expectations but as the movie grows up, it gets better and your expectations rise. Ten minutes before the interval, during Barso Yaaron, the movie reaches its peak and for once you feel it’s the end. But then, the movie proceeds, story going in a somewhat Shakespearean style and keeps you sticked to the chair until the on-stage one-way fight between Ajay and Salman. And that is where the movie falls apart. Continue reading “London Dreams: Movie Review”

Jashn Hai Jeet Ka (London Dreams/Abhijeet Ghoshal)

Jashn hai jeet ka is a song I’ve fallen in love with. First thing, I love the lyrics of the song. It reminds me of Shakespearean classics, especially Julius Caesar as the singer claims himself to be the King of the world saying aasma mera ab aasma mera. He even says that he doesn’t believe his old friends (Et tu, brute) while he renders majhi pe mujhko nahi ab thoda sa bhi aitbaar, and celebrates his victory like anything. Also, the song has some fierce music and Abhijeet Ghoshal has sung the song in its spirit. Here are the lyrics penned by Prasoon Joshi.


Sun le khuda gaur se zara
aasma mera ab aasma mera

(neend tod ke khwaab ud gaye
aasma mera ab aasma mera
badal bheench ke honth tar kiya
aasma mera ab aasma mera
main to akele chal diya haathon mein le ke patwar
majhi pe mujhko nahi, ab thoda sa bhi aitbaar
jashn hai jeet ka jeet ka jeet ka
jashn hai jeet ka jeet ka jeet ka)-2

chhale kai talwon mein chubhe kahin bhale kai
jalti hui kahin thi zameen
taale kai dard ya ki sambhale kai
hauslon mein rahi thi kami
hum abhi ad gaye
aandhiyon se lad gaye
maine dhakel ke unhe chheen ke le li roshni
mere hisse ke ve savere, mere hisse ki zindagi
jashn hai jeet ka jeet ka jeet ka
jashn hai jeet ka jeet ka jeet ka..

Paisa: De Dana Dan (RDB)

Paisa: De Dana DanWhen I saw this song with RamLila uniforms for the first time on TV, I thought it was below the usual level of Akshay’s favorite Rhythm-Dhol-Bass. Though, after listening to the song for 3-4 times I was sure the song was not useless but I still didn’t know if it was as good as other numbers of RDB.

But then, I decided to go with my Speakers on. And there it was. RDB has not lost it. RDB has never been some Vishal Bharadwaj or A R Rahman to give long life songs but the song is almost as good as their usual masti songs. Once in full volume, RDB show their effect on you and the song sounds good for at least short term.

As usual, there is nothing much in the name of lyrics in the song and everything is based on RDB’s music and the ever so similar voice. Kyun paisa paisa karti hai/ Kyun paise pe tu marti hai/ Ek baat mujhe batla de tu/ Us rab se kyun nai darti hai/ Kya hota hai paise ka paise ki laga doon dheri/ main baarish kar doon paise ki jo tu ho jaaye meri are lyrics that are easy to remember and with the catchy music, Paisa is going to be on people’s tongues along with radio and music channels for at least some time.

You May Be: Aladin (Vishal/Shekhar)

First words: Listen to it. Now we can start. A song that is probably the best song by Vishal-Shekhar, equivalent to Tu Ashiqui hai according to me, withKhuda Jaane somewhere close. But doubtlessly, Vishal and Shekhar bring to you one of their best songs ever, in their own voices. Yes, this is the first song Vishal and Shekhar have sung together with nobody else there. While the entire song is beautiful, the second part of the song is sung with absolute finesse and the way they pair up the voices towards the end is just wonderful. Here are the lyrics of the song, with some repetitions removed.


You are the one you are the one
baby you are the one
you are the one you are the one
baby you are the one
You may be, just a little bit deewani
Thodi thodi si crazy
But baby you are the one
Tum Jaisi, hai na koi yoon deewani Continue reading “You May Be: Aladin (Vishal/Shekhar)”

Fitoor (Mohit Chauhan): Music Review

Fitoor: Mohit Chauhan

Fitoor is not Mohit Chauhan the superhit singer who gives a hit everytime he sings. It’s Mohit Chauhan the artist who wants to share the art he knows. One who sings for himself. If you like him in this way, it’s good. If you do not, almost every movie has a Mohit Chauhan song, the hit one, anyway.

One thing worth noticing about the album is that Mohit has not only sung the songs but he has even composed and written all the songs of the album. Now that is a one man show for which he must be applauded. Brave guy Mohit.

Fitoor: The opening song. Opens well but gets lost somewhere in between and the song remains just OK. Mohit has tried to keep the song off the typical Mukhda-antara way and tried some changes. But the result doesn’t give something exceptional. Still, feels worth listening after listening a few times.

Challeya: Challeya is a good composition and a good song overall. The song is well written and well sung. The good quality of sound mixing is also visible in the song. Go for this one.

Sajna: Sajna is an offbeat song with hints of typical Mohit Chauhan at the beginning and end of the song. You may like it after listening to the song for a few times. Good one. Continue reading “Fitoor (Mohit Chauhan): Music Review”

Kuch Aisa Ho Jaaye (Aao Wish Karein/Xulfi)

Yeah, you may find the movie useless. And I’m on betting the same as yet. But here was something that was worth listening to in Aftab Shivdasani’s home production movie Aao Wish Karein.

The song is composed and sung by Xulfi, the guy who’s famous for his Laree Chhooti from Ek Chalis ki Last Local. The song is somewhat the same kind and reminds of that but still there is a softness and kind of freshness that you might like it. Try the song. Won’t sound bad I guess.

Kurbaan Hua (Vishal Dadlani/Salim-Sulaiman)

Today I saw a review by my twit-buddy dunkdaft saying Kurbaan Hua sounds just like Nazara hai of Tasveer 8×10 and is the only ‘glitch’ in the album. Well, my first reaction was of shock. But then I tried to compare the songs and found that the words Nazara hai and Kurbaan hua had quite some similarity even though the words Kurbaan hua lasted longer unlike Nazara hai. So I started searching why Kurbaan hua sounded better than Nazara hai. Here are the reasons I found.

First, Kurbaan hua is not Nazara hai. Even though we have same composers and singers, the composition is more mature and low-pitched notes have a better balance here. Second thing, that was completely missing in Nazara hai is lyrics.Kurbaan hua boasts of some meaningful lyrics while lyrics of Nazara hai hardly have one.

And finally, the best part of Kurbaan hua is its end. From the point Vishal starts rendering marne ka sabab slowly, the song reaches a peak very few songs are able to find. That is the part of the song I wait for every time listen to it. Those are the lines on which.. Kurbaan hua..


Kurbaan hua teri Tishnagi[1] mein yun kurbaan hua
Teri aashiqui mein yun
Bekhudi mein, bekali
[2] mein, bekasi mein hua
Tujhko har dua di Har daga di Aur fanaa
[3] hua
Kurbaan hua .. Kurbaan hua
Adaa pe, wafaa pe, jafaa pe
Kurbaan hua .. Kurbaan hua

Rubaru tu magar Tanha hai ye jahan hoo vo
Jal uthe meri kufr
[4] se
Saanson ka ye sama hoo vo
Kya hua pal mein jaane kho gaya kyun
Tu mila aur judai maa hua yun
Bekhudi mein, bekali mein, bekasi mein hua
Tujhko har dua di Har daga di Aur fanaa hua
Kurbaan hua .. Kurbaan hua
Adaa pe, wafaa pe, jafaa pe
Kurbaan hua .. Kurbaan hua

Marne ka sabab[5] maangta raha dar badar
Mitne ko to dil pal mein raazi huaaaa…
..Poori hui har aarzoo har dastan meri
Ke tum shuru hue jahan main khatam hua
Kurbaan hua .. Kurbaan hua
Adaa pe, wafaa pe, jafaa pe
Kurbaan hua .. Kurbaan hua

  1. Tishnagi=Thirst
  2. Bekali=Restlessness
  3. Fanaa=Destroyed
  4. Kufr=Blasphemy
  5. Sabab=Reason

Kurbaan: Music Review

It was something I was waiting for a long time now. And now that it has reached me, I think it should reach you too. So here we go, with my review of Kurbaan’s music, that happens to be the third release of Salim Sulaiman in this year.

Shukran Allah: You hear the chorus, you love the music. You hear Sonu, you love the song. A wonderful love song by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal with a beautiful chorus and Salim Merchant for backing vocals. Listen to this and you’ll be found trying to sing the words Shukran Allah Walahamidulillah soon.

Dua: In dua, Salim-Sulaiman bring the Fatak combination, Sukhwinder Singh and Kailash Kher along with Marianne DCruz Aiman for background vocals. Dua hai dua hai is again a good song with music lying somewhere between a spiritual song and a dance number. In fact the same can be said about the song’s lyrics too.

Ali Maula: In the third song, Ali Maula, that happens to be the only song in the album with a remix, Salim Merchant has done almost a Maula mere le le meri jaan again. Though, this time he doesn’t have a Krishna with him and he has sung the song alone. The lyrics of the song are a bit more Urdu-ish than Maula mere. But the song goes deep and will turn out to be one with longer shelf life. Good again.

Rasiya: Background music is important. Not just in movies but in songs too. Yes, the specialists of background music have almost added background music to a semi-classical song sung by Shruti Pathak. The song will be liked in its own time and not everyone is going to like this part-classical thing. But I’d have to say, Salim-Sulaiman are great.

Kurbaan Hua: Even if it’s not rock, it’s rocking. Vishal Dadlani sings this rock-like-Bollywood-song for Salim-Sulaiman this time and I can tell you, not after listening to the song but after seeing the trailer itself that the song is going to be a hit.

Ali Maula Remix: I generally don’t write about remixes nowadays but since Kurbaan has just one remix and fashion had some good remixes, I was tempted to write this one. Well, the remix starts bad, but as it nears the mid of the seek bar, it goes a bit better, and then starts going bad again and experiments done don’t save the remix. In short, the remix by Abhijit Vaghani was not much was required, not at least with the song. They could have better done it with Shukran Allah but they probably wouldn’t have not tried to take that risk with the superb song.

Overall, with just five songs, Kurbaan is a wonderful album which has not just good songs but quite a variety available. Where Shukran Allah is a love song as good as Jatin-Lalit used to make, Ali Maula gives the album a serious tone and Rasiya gives the album a light classical touch. And finally it all completes with a rocking song by Vishal. Ten on Ten. Can say that.