SBI Swift BIC Code for Adsense Payments

This was a small issue I was facing, which would have been big had I not got the solution. If your branch doesn’t have a SWIFT code, you can use nearby branches’ code, or so I was told.

I did that, and things were working okay, until one fine day, Google told me: “Automatic Payment Cancelled: Wire Transfer to bank account xxxx-xxxx for $X.” This was almost ten days after the payment was issued from Google. Apparently there was something wrong on the bank’s end. Somehow the SWIFT thing was not working fine.

So I checked with my father who is an SBI employee, and at the same time kept on Googling, and a couple of days later, the two of them told me the same thing. There is a Foreign Exchange branch in Kolkata which is responsible for USD to INR transactions.

Not sure if that is the exact case, but it’s something of the sort. What mattered for me is that I tried using the SWIFT code for the Foreign Exchange Branch, that is SBININBBFXD, which is quite different from all the other SWIFT codes and has no numbers, and it worked, and has been working fine since.

So if you are in doubt as to what SWIFT code you should use for Adsense payments to your SBI accounts, or if your payment failed because of a SWIFT code issue, you can use this one. As long as the Account Number and the IFSC code are correct, I hope there should be no issues.

Disclaimer: This post is based on a personal experience and written because of the problems faced while looking for a solution. Author is not responsible for any losses incurred because of the usage of the solution mentioned. Please double check the solution mentioned for your own safety.

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