Tamma Tamma Loge Meaning

Have you ever tried to find the meaning of tamma tamma loge? If yes, let me resolve this first thing for you. The words tamma tamma loge really don’t mean anything. At least tamma tamma really does not mean anything in Hindi, or probably any Indian language, though one can’t exactly vouch for the latter.

So what are the words doing there? Well, let’s go a bit deeper into the story. If you have heard the original tamma tamma loge, you might know that there is another song ‘Jumma Chumma’ which is very similar sounding. Guesses? The story is that both the songs seem to be ‘inspired’ by Mory Kante’s popular song ‘Tama’, which goes something like ‘tama tama gnogonte, tama tama gnogonte tama’ (gnogonte sounds much like no-dey to me). In probably a try to not do much work on it, OR to pay the original a ‘tribute’, they have kept the words tama tama, or tamma-tamma, and just changed gnogonte to something more Indian.

Long story short, tamma-tamma doesn’t mean a thing, so dance to the words without a worry as to what they mean.

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