Book Review: Kaal Kothari by Swadesh Deepak [Hindi Play]

It was a small book. I picked it up in the library because I wanted to finish it in one sitting. I didn’t know if I’d find time to come back and read the book again, though I never thought anybody would get it issued in the meantime. It just doesn’t happen with many Hindi books in a city like Bangalore.

But still, thanks to libraries like JustBooks, and some readers of course, Hindi book sections exist, and survive too. They seem to, as yet.

So the small green book I picked was called Kaal Kothari. It was written by Swadesh Deepak, who, I found out, is an author who writes in Hindi as well as English, and has masters’ degree in both the languages.

It was a play that I had picked and was 56 pages or so long. The play talks about a stage actor, Rajat, who doesn’t have a day job and hence, goes through emotional issues, while there are other problems with the family too. The play as such is short and does not talk much about many of its characters, but still Kaul, the director of Rajat’s play is quite an original character.

If I say more than that, it’d probably be a spoiler. So I’ll just say what I felt about the play. Other than a few original-feeling characters, the good part of the play was the realistic language it is written in. However, in a few places there are just too many English sentences and reading them in Hindi was a little mindboggling.

Overall, the play was a fine read. However, I think there should be better plays by Swadesh Deepak too.

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