Zanjeer Music Review

The opening song of the album, Chirantan Bhatt’s Hum Hain Mumbai ke Hero is an addictive tune. But the lyrics of the song are so bad that using Amitabh Bachchan and Pran’s voices in the same song sounds bad to the legends. Anyway, Mika’s singing in the song is better than Priyanka’s acting, who, as pointed in a GIF, gets almost …

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The next comes Meet Bros Anjjan’s Pinky Hai Paisewalon ki, which is tacky, especially in the chorus parts. But then that’s what Item songs are for. It seems after doing no item songs for long, Priyanka Chopra is suddenly into it at a bottom level, as she does Pinky after Babli Badmaash. Still this is better than the latter as Mamta Sharma sings as per her style.

The next song brings in yet another Pakistani talent, and this time it comes from the one band that was somehow not featured in Bollywood. Raeth, If you remember the name, the one who sang Bhula Do Bhula Do wo baatein purani.. Anyway, the singer is called Wajhi Farooki, and the song he sings is called Ye Lamha Tera Mera with Palak Muchhal for Chirantan Bhatt. Wajhi’s voice is no doubt good and he sings the song fine. First ‘good’ in the album, actually.

Khochey Pathan ki Zubaan, that comes next, is again a nice one. Sukhwinder Singh’s voice is good as ever and Shabab Sabri is one of the most authentic Qawwali singers we get in Bollywood. The music and the arrangements aren’t bad either, though it’s not as original as Shah ka Rutba in Agneepath was. Still, better than many other songs in the album. If Sukhwinder is heard on your TV’s speakers for some time, you’ll be humming this one. Nice work by Meet Bros Anjjan again.

Shweta Pandit’s Kaatilana, that comes next, is a cabarette/seductive kind of song. Though it’s not overtly sensual, the song sounds okay, and Shweta’s voice and singing are certainly good here. Just the saxophones maybe just a little too much in certain parts. And yeah, the ‘pyaar do pyaar lo’ base comes out too clear.

If there is one thing that is filled in Zanjeer album, it’s item numbers. The last original track of the album is Shakeela Baano Hit Ho Gayi. Sung by Shreya Ghoshal, the song doesn’t go too vulgar on lyrics thankfully, and Shreya makes Anand Raj Anand’s lone simple tune worth listening to. If you’re interested in Zanjeer, this is certainly a song to listen to.

Overall, Zanjeer is just okay, certainly not too great an album, as was probably clear from the promos and the first song as well. Still, there is Ye Lamha, Shakila Bano, and maybe Khochey Pathan that you might want to listen. And try Kaatilana as well if you’re too interested. Or, you may even discard the whole album. We’re sure you won’t miss much.

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