Zanjeer Music Review

If there is one thing that is filled in Zanjeer album, it’s item numbers. The last original track of the album is Shakeela Baano Hit Ho Gayi. Sung by Shreya Ghoshal, the song doesn’t go too vulgar on lyrics thankfully, and Shreya makes Anand Raj Anand’s lone simple tune worth listening to. If you’re interested in Zanjeer, this is certainly a song to listen to.

Overall, Zanjeer is just okay, certainly not too great an album, as was probably clear from the promos and the first song as well. Still, there is Ye Lamha, Shakila Bano, and maybe Khochey Pathan that you might want to listen. And try Kaatilana as well if you’re too interested. Or, you may even discard the whole album. We’re sure you won’t miss much.

लेखक: Harshit

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