Zanjeer Music Review

Khochey Pathan ki Zubaan, that comes next, is again a nice one. Sukhwinder Singh’s voice is good as ever and Shabab Sabri is one of the most authentic Qawwali singers we get in Bollywood. The music and the arrangements aren’t bad either, though it’s not as original as Shah ka Rutba in Agneepath was. Still, better than many other songs in the album. If Sukhwinder is heard on your TV’s speakers for some time, you’ll be humming this one. Nice work by Meet Bros Anjjan again.

Shweta Pandit’s Kaatilana, that comes next, is a cabarette/seductive kind of song. Though it’s not overtly sensual, the song sounds okay, and Shweta’s voice and singing are certainly good here. Just the saxophones maybe just a little too much in certain parts. And yeah, the ‘pyaar do pyaar lo’ base comes out too clear.

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