Flipkart: Time to Do or Die?

Wait, doesn’t that give me another issue? The way they closed down the Flyte music store, what’s the guarantee they won’t close the eBook store soon too? And if they do, there would be a bigger issue because you downloaded the songs and heard them where you liked, but you can’t do that with the books. Even if books can be downloaded and saved on phones and laptops, how would it be to read books on an app that has no support? Am I just getting cynical here? Because I don’t really see amazon going anywhere, but I can’t be so sure of Flipkart. Not anymore..

And yes, I wouldn’t say we should compare the two as Amazon is a giant compared to Flipkart’s ant on a global scale here, but still, when I see just 568 reviews on their ebook app, it does make me wonder, because Amazon has almost as many reviews as Flipkart’s ebook reader’s total downloads. More than a lac. Even an unadvertised Aldiko reader has an extra zero in its number of downloads when compared to FK.

So I guess, they really need to speed things up if they want to save their ebook store as of now. And just adding an extra banner on the homepage won’t do. They’ll have to give people better user experience, on the apps and on the web, and better prices, and give something to get people to download the app and frequent their ebook stores, maybe sell Chetan Bhagat’s books for Rs 1 for a day or something. As an old FK supporter, he could help them do such a thing. They’ll need some such gimmicks to beat the big daddy of online retail.

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