Flipkart: Time to Do or Die?

Recently, I read an article about how people were not getting deliveries in time, Flipkart becoming a marketplace and all. But I never faced the issue, probably because I NEVER buy anything that is not sold by WS retail, which was Flipkart’s own company until the foreign investment issues.

Also, recently, I was telling my wife, again passing a FK office, that Flyte store was closed, and I was wondering how long the eBook store would survive.

Today, I saw Flipkart promoting their eBook store.

Let’s talk about their eBook store today, because that’s the one I see in the biggest trouble right now.

I believe ebooks is one market which, to an extent, gives scope for competition, because end of the day there is very little production cost involved, and the more you sell, the lower price you can provide, since at a point of time, the production cost is almost zero. That’s why Amazon could for some time give books worth 500 and 600 for rs 66. Of course there are publishers and authors waiting for their money, but you get the point. No paper, no delivery issues.

First thing first. Every time I bought an ebook, I searched Google Play Books, Amazon, and Flipkart, and never did I have to download Flipkart app. I had Kindle on my phone, and of the few books I bought, none was the cheapest on Flipkart. Not by a rupee. Though, many times they were equal, so why not read of tried and tested Kindle.

Secondly, they didn’t even give me a reason to download their app. I mean, I am pretty sure a few people would have downloaded Kindle on their phones when they knew there were Rs 400 books available for Rs 66.

And frankly, their app is a confusing thing too. The web reader is pretty bad compared to read.amazon.com, the free books I tried going kind of haywire. Though with determination one could sit down and read too. At one time I was wondering why I couldn’t simply read their books on Kindle. But then I realized it was because of the user issue, as they wouldn’t want to give you the book to download.

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