Besharam – Lalit Pandit [Yeah, that’s Right] n Ishq-Shree

Besharam title song, for which credit is shared by the singers Ishq-Shree too. The song is anyway fine, though the trailer version looked more promising than the original song. Maybe it’s a victim of a little too much of experiments. Still, a fine background for the movie, if at all this movie keeps anything in background [Not talking of the song].

Besharam is a cocky film, and its item number has to be cocky. But the Hum lut gaye ainwayi aake tere Mohalle is Cocky in a literal sense of the word, as it begins with a sound that is a bit like roosters’ calls, musicalized of course. Anyway, Abhinav Kashyap – Lalit Pandit combo seems to work here, as the song sounds the closest yet to Munni. Not as good as Munni, but not as far as most of such songs have been. Worth a listen. Rest will be clear when it’s on TV.

Love ki Ghanti. Baj gayi meri. Well. The song is nice. Sujeet Shetty sings clearly in Kishore Kumar style, but it’s his yodelling that removes any doubts. As for Lalit, there is hardly anything to his credit here, as the composer is certainly the guy who created Bella Ciao.

Actually, I liked the original [LINK] despite not getting the language. It sounded better than the copy, a not so common thing.

If Lalit Pandit thought he would copy from an Italian song and most people won’t get it, he might be right to an extent. But if he thought he’d lift loops from as big a hit as Awarapan, and expect people to forget it, I’m not sure what he must be smoking. OK Dil ka jo haal hai is not exactly the same. It has one and a half note different from Tera yakeen kyoon maine kiya nahi. Try and hum, you’ll know. And oh, it also has that background beat that plays in Jo haal dil ka, Sarfarosh, which was Jatin-Lalit’s music only.

[We do not, in any way, promote smoking. Smoking causes cancer.]

The next track of the album, Tu Hai, is what tells you that this Lalit Pandit might be the same guy who was in the that duo called Jatin Lalit. [In case you were actually wondering or didn’t know, he actually IS that guy.] So yes, he picks up some memories of old days, some styles and pieces which would remind you faintly of maybe Fanaa [that’s the interlude] or some parts of Tumhi dekho na, especially in the beginning [that being a Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy tune made for KJo, who was then trying to extract a Jatin-Lalit from them] and create a simple nice tune and throw in Shreya Ghoshal and introduce-Sonu-mid-song technique [used in K3G, line: aankhon mein doob jaane ko hum bekaraar baithe hain, and Kal Ho Naa Ho, Line: Sach hai ki dil to dukha hai] and promote it (yet to be done) and expect it to burst the world.

Phew, what a long sentence!

So yeah, Sonu Nigam already did burst the world in his Maahi vay part.. almost.

And after this treat, comes Mika.

If you were asking if it was good news or bad, let me tell you, it’s not Pritam composing for Mika here.

As an explanation, drat, it doesn’t work. I mean yes you can promote anything and make it work, but you’d better sell Besharam’s title track than this aa re aa re. Boring as music alone. Even Mika with lines like ‘maare maare seeti kyun maare dil mera engine hua re’ doesn’t sound fun. Wonder what’s wrong with the song. As for copying though, Lalit has not lifted it from anywhere [AFAIK] but the style is much like Bappi’s compositions for Amitabh in ’80s. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t yet sound that much fun, or even close.

The Unplugged version of Tu Hai sounds slightly better than the original to me, but then I’d expected it to get a little more unplugged. It’s certainly not easy to get a light song unplugged, but then you could go like Vishal-Shekhar did in tu na jaane aas paas hai khuda, removing almost everything. Anyway, the song is certainly worth listening to in either version.

Chal hand utha ke nachche, which leaves hardly any impact, despite Daler Mehndi and Mika there in it, begins with Nau baj gaye, hum saj gaye, which again faintly reminds me of something in its beginning, maybe some Nokia tune, and maybe the beginning of ‘Twist’ from Love Aaj Kal. The antara of the song might have been a little good, but the Mukhda of the song is just absolutely useless – The hand utha ke nachche part. Maybe they’re planning to put it on TV all day so that it works. But I am not very hopeful it still would. I’d say just avoid it.

Overall, Besharam is a mixed thing, in which there is a lot of masala and very little substance, if any. But some parts have turned out to be okay. Still, it’s Lalit Pandit’s best of his few lone outings.

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