Dabangg 2: Music Review [Sajid-Wajid]

Dabangg 2 seems to be beginning where Dabangg ended. Don’t know how much of Abhinav Kashyap’s magic is going to be there with Arbaaz, but at least music seems to tell you very clearly that it’s nothing other than Dabangg 2.

Dagabaaz re, the first song of the album is almost an extension of Tere mast mast do nain, though doesn’t go that high on notes. However, the combination of Salman, Sajid-Wajid and Rahat, and even Shreya, keeps things a lot in Dabangg mood. Lyrics are simple, nice, and in the mood with the music. It’s not mast-mast do nain, but the song is an okay sequel to the superhit track.

Bajave Haye Pandey ji Seeti. It was interesting from the name, and the result is not disappointing. No, I’m not looking for something very original here, but I did expect something fun, and that is what the song is. The song has extensive use of Pinjre wali muniya, and it does succeed. Expect this song everywhere soon, and if you’re a Pandey ji, begin ignoring the song.

And yeah, I loved the words Aadat badi naaspeeti.

The one thing I didn’t like in the album was Fevicol se. The item song, reportedly being performed by Kareena Kapoor, is a very much wannabe. The music is barely okay and lyrics haven’t become interesting. Zandu Balm got much better publicity despite not being the title.

Saanson ne Baandhi hai Dor Piya. A very predictable, very ’90s song, that I loved from the first line. But Tulsi Kumar is an unwelcome voice in the song. The quality of the song demands Shreya Ghoshal, or some other equally great voice. The song even has mast-mast-do-nain playing on sax in the interlude, easily merging into the song. But for Tulsi, who is kinda bearable, this one makes a fine sequel of Chori Kiya re Jiya.

The last song of the album is Dabangg reloaded, which is a new version of Hud Hudd Dabangg Dabangg from the first movie. However, this time Wajid is not there singing DaBHang instead of Dabang and Sukhwinder pronounces it perfectly, making the song irritation-free for me.

Among remixes, Pandeyji Seeti is kinda nice. Seems they have seen the potential of the song and so worked harder on the remix too.

Overall, Dabangg 2, the album, is the sequel you were waiting for. Hope the movie follows.

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