Book Review: Maharani by Ruskin Bond

Once again I’m writing a review for a Ruskin Bond book. Something that I should not do. Because I’m a fan, I love whatever Ruskin writes. And this was no exception. Pre-ordered the day I got to know about the book. Read within 36 houts of receiving it. Still, here I am writing, so read if you are interested.

We’ve read about the Queens in Ruskin’s old books. But most of the time they were either creatures of mystery, never coming out of their unreachable Palaces (turned ruins, at times) or just part of third hand stories. But this time, the queen is not so mysterious, not part of some fable, and very much a real person with a real life and real faults.

Ruskin’s writing style is the same, but nature is a little less and story a little more. Other than Maharani, there are accounts of a few more people in his life, but not very long. One of them, of a friendship with a little boy, is lovely.

In the name of shortcoming, I didn’t find many, but I was a little confused with the timeline as it goes up and down a few times. That, however, will most probably make a good reason for me to read the book again. Yes, that’s how fans are.

A word of warning. The book is a little sexually explicit in some places, and is not exactly the thing that you would like to give to a early teen. On the other hand though, teens today are reading so much more, more explicit and much worse, so this one is not really a problem, but then that’s a different issue altogether.

Maharani is actually one of Ruskin’s most multi-faceted book. It’s not just a thriller, or drama, or his nature love, or humor. But a mix of them all. Yes, Maharani is a Cocktail, in Ruskin Bond’s glass, with his own flavors.

I enjoyed this. And if you’re a Bond fan, you will too.

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