Mashallah (Ek Tha Tiger): Music Review (Sajid-Wajid)

You might call me mad for this, but the first three-four seconds into the song felt a little like Sneha Khanwalkar singing Bhaiya Bhaiya from Jiya ho Bihar ke lala to me. From then on though, the song was a different thing, with all Turkish-Arabic style patterned arrangements on an okay composition by Sajid-Wajid.

To tell the truth, I had been expecting something better, something maybe of the level of Tere Mast Mast Do Nain, but then the news that Wajid himself would be singing the song had its own problems. However, the result was just an okay one. The composition is good in some places, mostly where Shreya is singing (like tu mila mili mujhe khudai), but does not retain the quality througout.

The second best part is my ringtone, i.e. the prelude of the song that appeared in the theatrical as well.

One more positive aspect in the mediocre song is Wajid’s singing. No, he hasn’t suddenly become KK or Sonu Nigam, but he sounds better than almost all his previous attempts, e.g. Dabangg title song where he was supposed to sing just ‘hud hud dabang dabang dabang dabang’ and he sang that too as daBHang daBHang instead.

I have my own doubts about singing as Mashallah what I thought to be Masha Allah or Masha’Allah, but I am sure that Dabang is Dabang only and is not rendered as DaBHang in any dialect.

Other than all that, just to state the obvious, Shreya Ghoshal is one of the best things to have happened to the song. She’s the one who is singing it beautifully, like always.

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