This Cocktail comes with a Hangover of Love Aaj Kal

First things first. It’s quite a Cocktail.

And secondly, after a certain point, or maybe even before it, the movie has got a huge hangover, that of Love Aaj Kal.

Meera. Saif. Imtiaz. Delhi. Just so much.

But besides this, Cocktail is almost what you expected. Probably more than what you expected, because you probably didn’t expect anything more than some good songs and light comedy in the movie. However, the movie seems to have some story, though courtesy Imtiaz, who is the writer here too, we have already almost seen it.

Still, storywise, the movie goes fine. The screenplay is light in the first half, but doesn’t remain so tight in the second. The locations are nice, and the songs are not just beautiful, but quite fit in the movie. The cinematography is nice and in certain places the story is told simply with cinematography. At least in one place I remember seeing that.

Actors are good. Saif knows what he’s good at though goes overboard at times. Deepika seems like the role could have been written keeping her in mind. Diana is pretty, the cute girl of the movie. Dimple looks quite natural even with a little overacting thrown in for her role, but it’s Boman who speaks so less and still looks all natural and perfect in his small role, mostly with his expressions and his varied funny voices.

Basically, if you don’t mind a little LAK hangover, this Cocktail might be perfect for your weekend. Or whenever you want to have a little weekend.

लेखक: Harshit

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