Ishaqzaade: Music Review (Amit Trivedi, Lyrics: Kausar Munir)

And with Ishaqzaade, Amit Trivedi surprises you again.

After listening to Suraj Jagan’s rocking Aafaton ke Parinde, I was expecting some rock from the title song, but Javed Ali’s simple rendition of the title song not only caught me off guard, I knew that the song was going to grow on me. And so it was. Growing on me slowly, every time I heard it. The reasons were plenty. One, the song was quite new for me, as in, it was a simple, nice composition, very much Indian at the heart and Javed Ali sings it very much that way, but it has sax and western drums, which give way to Indian style beats. That was just some analysis I could do, I hope you get the essence. The song suddenly shifting from Javed to Shreya at the end is interesting, though nothing really new, yet Shreya once again surprises with her singing, or rather the voice here. Just listen to the song. A few times.

Hua Chhokra Jawan re. An Amit Trivedi desi song, with a touch of brass band effect, mostly from the drums used. Sunidhi Chauhan is the best part of the song, as the lyrics get full justice done to them the way she sings them. Vishal Dadlani is definitely not bad, but he didn’t here need the depth that generally comes with his voice, and I’m not such a big fan of his masti-mood songs, like Dhaeon-Dhaeon, and this. Still, interesting stuff, to say the least. Worth a try definitely.

Shalmali Kholgade. Main pareshan pareshan pareshan. If you haven’t heard the song on youtube yet, you’re in for a surprise. And if you have, well, the song would still not disappoint. Amit Trivedi here has added some small nuances in the song, that didn’t show their overalls in the trailer version. And Shalmali is definitely a discovery here, even though her voice is a lot like Madhushree’s, and the treatment given not very different. One of the best from the album. Definitely worth a listen.

Item Song next. Well, EVERY single movie nowadays has an item song these days. And some of them may have two, three, more, or can be a collection of item songs only. But THIS is how you make one. Something that tells you that even if they make all the songs as items songs only, the ones that are made well will work anyway, sounding as new as any.

OK, probably I said too much, so here is more detail on the song, instead of praise now. Clearing throat, Shreya’s slow, harkat-ful singing of two lines, where the lyrics go ‘Gulaal’ way, to explain it in a simple way. That’s the beginning. The background is a little Qawwali’ish, with some restricted beats, not coming out of claps necessarily, and overall reminding me of kajra re, to some extent, with its treatment. But with all this music and treatment, it’s the lyrics of the song and Shreya’s singing of them that interest one in the song. Do listen, I’m pretty sure after reading this much you’d be disappointed with the song that is called Jhalla Wallah.

Enough of drama, now back to being Amit Trivedi, the regular one, with all the irregular things. Enter Suraj Jagan, with Divya Kumar, dubstep at a relatively slower pace, a rocking mood and some hardcore lyrics. Also pour in some voice-beats (hut-hut-hut-hut, aali re-saali re style). And bingo, Amit Trivedi is here. If you’re an Amit Trivedi fan, probably Aafaton ke Parinde is what you will come to, again and again. Lovely. Or should I say, Rocking.

Remix time. Main Pareshaan. Starts well, Shalmali’s voice gets some nice treatment, but ‘main pareshan’ part is not striking enough. Dubstep effects seen again. More sounds than voices, being a remix of course, but somehow not bad, unless you start comparing with the original song.

But then there is a remix that is close to the original song, for Jhalla Wallah. Abhijit Waghani seems to have done quite some work here, as the song completely develops its own pace and character, which goes an almost completely different way from the original. Listen to this one.

Overall, Ishaqzaade is a nice, varied, and entertaining album that is not just good for what it is but also because if you’re an Amit Trivedi fan, it tells you what the guy can do besides being ‘regular Amit Trivedi’ which is necessary for him to exist and thrive. After Aisha and Ek main aur Ekk Tu, this is probably the third time that he has come with new stuff that isn’t regular him. Way to go, boy.

And yeah, not to forget the work done by Kausar Munir here. Some real desi lyrics in the times where people think desi means the curses from Delhi’s autodrivers. Keep that up, ma’am.

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  1. Good review…was waiting for it…Nice balanced album…it has some typical bollywood tracks like Ishaqzaade title song, Chhokra Jawan, Jhalla Wallah and Amit trivedi succeeds in putting something different in these usual tracks…and when it comes to doing it at “Amit Trivdi” way, he produces Pareshan and Aafaton ke Parinde…simply amazing…

  2. Great review and I love the music as well specially the title track, it is so enticing yet the feeling of being so down to earth and connected to the world. I love listening to music that is different and of course, when it is Amit Trivedi you have to wait and watch for what’s in store. I was surfing on the net and came across this A young girl, with a guitar round her neck sings and dedicates her songs to her mother, mush like the protagonist of the movie who makes the right choice instead of just fooling around. This young girl has a huge fan following on the web and is being appreciated all over India. Do see this post and let me know of your thoughts.

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