Lanka: Music Review (Toshi-Sharib, Gaurav Dagaonkar, Rishabh)

I wanted to write a review for Lanka since I heard it for the first time, say a week ago at least, but somehow couldn’t do it yet. Finally writing it now.

The album starts with Iltija, Rishabh Srivastava’s song from his debut album Iltija. The song on the Bhatt pattern is an okay composition and sung okay too, making an okay though a little unevenly spaced start.

The next song Aap ki Aahat, composed by Toshi-Sharib sounds like the beginning of Bhatt-camp-song again as the beginning seconds remind me of aye kaash, kash yoon hota, but then the young Sabri brothers get into a different mood as they compose a slower tune for Sonu Nigam to sing, with some interesting lyrics as well. Nice one, something that Sonu Nigam sounds nice singing.

Sheet Lahar, composed by Gaurav and sung by Shreya, is a slow, nice composition with simple lyrics. The slow pace of the song may not appeal to all and definitely not one for ‘quick listening’ but if you give it time, lyrics as well Shreya’s singing would appeal to you. Nice job by Gaurav Dagaonkar.

The next song is again by Gaurav Dagaonkar, and is my favorite from the movie. Yup, it’s KK singing, where the irritation claimed by the lyrics can almost be heard in his voice. Barham hain hum is something to listen to, definitely.

Qubool, the next, is a regular Toshi-Sharib song, sung by Toshi, but then the song has an added dose of good lyrics, that too in prayer to god, making the song nicer to listen. Liked.

Sheet Leher comes in a different version, this time sung by Tia Bajpai, and sounds okay.

The last one from the album, Sunidhi Chauhan’s Hai Rama Rama, composed by Toshi-Sharib, doesn’t seem to be any purpose more than being yet another item number in the movie.

Overall, however, the album is good, with Gaurav Dagaonkar giving some good numbers while Toshi-Sharib give more or less their average, which is good, to say the least. Do listen to the album especially for Sonu, Shreya, n KK’s songs.

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  1. Iltaja is gradually growing on me,inspite of the flawed vocals. Aapki aahatein is beautiful. Only sonu nigam can deliver such songs to perfection,with his various RAFI-MODIFICATIONS. Kubool is again a very good track. Sheet leher,as rightly said,will take time to grow.but a good song nonetheless. Barham is good,but i personally didnt like it very much. Hai rama is a waste, horrible song. Wonder why did they include it and make the movie look like a b-grade film by even airing it on tv? Yuck. Why on earth does sunidhi need to sing such songs?
    On the whole, i got what i expected from this album.vikram bhatt is synonymous with good music.he proves it yet again..

  2. Promo song iltija was very catchy so i decided to download the whole album through djmaza. I think songs were composed in accordance with the situation of the movie .iltija is a very fresh composition in the lot .barham is soothing ,aap ki aahat marks the comeback of sonu nigam .but a good album in the end .nice job rishabh, gaurav, sabris.

  3. chanced upon this album over the weekend. wasnt too keen on listening to the songs esp because of the jarring “Hai rama rama” that was being played in the promos (wonder why they chose to promote the worst song of the album)
    But i am glad i gave the album a fair chance or i would have missed gems like “Barham hai hum” sung by KK and “Sheet leher hai” sung by Shreya. Both songs composed by Gaurav Dagaonkar and beautifully rendered by the singers. “Aap ki aahat” sung or rather oversung by Sonu Nigggaaam (sorry i have lost track of the number of ‘g’s and ‘a’s he puts in his surname), that has been composed by Toshi-Sharib is not bad and the song “Ilteja” by Rishabh is quite average and frankly avoidable.

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