Jo Hum Chahein: Music Review (Sachin Gupta)

Sachin Gupta, the man behind Ehsaan itna sa kar de and Prince, is here again, with his new album, Jo Hum Chahein. Here is a review of the album.

The album starts with Aaj bhi Party sung by Suraj Jagan, which impresses with its sound from the very beginning. Yet another party song, Aaj bhi party is based on a nice tune and the sound of the song has been well worked on. Suraj Jagan once again does well.

The second song of the album, Ishq hothon se to hota nahi bayaan is a nice surprise from KK and Shreya Ghoshal, that goes a little in the ‘Ehsaan’ way, without the high notes. I mean, the song is a really soulful number with lovely lyrics and soft music on a nice melody, but the background has some rock’ish effects here and there. Well fused. Do listen.

Peepni or Peepdi Bajaye Dil as it sounds like, sung by Jaspreet Singh and Mona Thakur, is one more nice party song from the album. Even though the song is kinda catchy and has a sound that should work, Kumaar’s lyrics are just okay here. Not bad, but the song would need some time to work and hence may work well with some good promotion.

Sasha Tirupati singing Ankh piji te dil roya for once reminded me of Tujhe Bhula Diya, and that’s not so wrong as the song goes almost in the mood, and of course, Kumaar does wonders with lyrics in such songs. Ah, the other name in the song is that of KK. So now you got some idea how Abhi Abhi should be. Well, the song on a really nice melody, with quite light music, is of the type that sounds nice when you listen to it for the first time, and then just grows on you slowly. Again something to listen to.

But after such a lovely song what made me smile was the end of the album. Neeraj Shridhar and Sunidhi Chauhan’s quick sounding ‘One More One More – Ankh da Ishara‘ made me think I was listening to the last song of some concert and the song’s intention was to make me dance with all the energy that was left in me. Maybe not one for a very long shelf life, but something to start dancing on from the first beat.

Overall, Jo Hum Chahein is a nice album with some songs that range from soft-soulful to stand-up-n-dance. Completely loved Ishq hothon se and even one more one more in its own way, but I guess abhi abhi would run a long race too, provided the new star cast of the movie collects enough support to run the race.

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  1. @Shashank

    Desi Boyz was nice and I really wanted to write, but I was on vacation with no net, and after 10 days of release didn’t feel like writing.

    As for Rockstar, I don’t know if I want to write a review until I see it once again. And then reading so many reviews, I m not sure there is anything negative OR positive that still needs to be written. 🙂 So I guess I’ll not be writing one, not soon at least. maybe after second run.

    Either way, Thanks for writing. You’re actually inspiring me to make things more professional still. 🙂

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