Don 2: Music Review (Shankar Ehsaan Loy)

So Farhan Akhtar makes SRK do a Salman in Don 2.

Well, I am not talking about acting, but like almost every Salman film, this time SRK starts the soundtrack of Don 2 with a dialog, that merges into the second track, Zaraa Dil ko thaam lo, beautifully sung by Vishal Dadlani and Anusha Mani. I mean Shankar Ehsaan Loy this time get a voice that sounds like that of a Don instead of Shaan, who sounded all nice, not too fit for a Don I’d say. The melody is nice even though SEL keep the arrangements much as in the previous Don. Nice start.

The thing that most interested me, however, was Usha Uthup’s mysterious voice singing na koi raat hai, na koi din yahaan, to start hai ye maaya. Shankar Ehsaan Loy come up with a nice melody again, though the arrangements have been kept very espionage-y, reminding me of Karthik calling Karthik where this job was entitled to Midival Punditz. Totally like. Precisely, it’s ‘more than background.’

Dushman Mera is again the mediocre sounding number of the album that may well turn out to be the ‘Aaj ki raat 2.’ The interesting part of the song is Shankar’s voice that does not sound ‘regular’ at all. Sunitha Sarathy’s voice with controlled frequencies and almost no background music, is wonderful in the beginning. Do not listen to the song for Shankar, at least not the regular Shankar. He just uses his powerful voice to put some simple lyrics very simply out there, like Kishore Kumar? I don’t know, but yeah, Shankar is doing things in an old style here. Good chances that his singing here will totally grow on you.

The King is back theme is a bit too techno, though and the surprise voice almost made me laugh. Listen at your own risk. Btw, the second half of the theme, with a little ’emotional’ sound is nice too.

KK starts singing Don’s title song from where Shaan left it, but the arrangements here is what is interesting. The way drums have been used, it almost reminded me of Darshan Doshi and MTV and KK’s voice may sound a little too overpowering in the beginning, at least if you imagine SRK there, but then KK is one person whose voice can never ruin a song. At least never has something like that happened till date. For the rest, SEL have done some nice work with the slightly-slower version of Don title track.

Oh, btw, the lyrics kinda disappointed me in this one. I think Javed saab could do better on this one.

If there is one more thing in the album to listen to, it’s Don waltz. Believe me, when I heard Waltz for the first time, my first thought was that Bollywood is growing up. At three minutes and twenty eight seconds, which is the length of many of my favorite songs (or so I feel, somehow), Don waltz, a tune that sounds totally like the background music of an animation/cartoon film, is a new experiment that you’d probably love to listen to, at least for once.

Overall, Don 2 is almost all that was expected, with nothing new, but the old things have been packaged well and look nice, and not just from the outside. The variety here goes less than in Farhan-SRK’s last Don, but the quality is the same, or may be a little better. Go for it if you want to, because whether you want it or not, you almost know what it is, and you’re right in thinking that you know.

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  1. Hai Ye Maya has to be one of the best tracks I’ve heard in recent past- Usha Uthup just rocks it! Don theme is good too.

    Soundtrack is somewhat disappointing though. Overall soundtrack is alright, but they pushed the “we-want-to-let-them-know-that-this-is-a-sequel” thing too far, recycling the already okayish Don theme was a bad idea.

    Wish they had included more original tracks. Meh.

  2. man SEL sud stop composing songs.they r not addictive.they r becoming very bad.even one song cant touch that level like ,chatrbusters,super hit songs.just rubbish.or else he sud make commercial songs.Or farhan akthar sud change music director to pritam or vishal shekar.

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