Dam 999: Music Review (Ouseppachchan)

Mujhe chhod ke kyun gayi, dil tod ke kyun chali.. when Hariharan starts singing, it sounds like an okay start. Okay because for once you feel that the lyrics have just been set on the music. Or something like that. And then you wonder whether the song will survive, because it’s really slow. But somehow it grows on you, and by the time you finish listening to it, you can play it again. At least I could.

Shreya’s version of the song is more or less the same, except that Shreya’s voice sounds more serious, a little heavier, than her regular voice. Nice.

The next song is a discovery. Of a singer. K Niran is the name and the guy reminded me of KK from the very start even though the voice did not sound much like KK’s. The song, Baat ye kya, is a slow number with very light, background’ish touch of rock in the arrangements. Frankly, the song is lovely, and the singer sings really nice. Problem: Pronunciation, diction. Hope it’ll get better with time, hoping he sings more Hindi.

The Dam 999 theme, rendered by Suchith Suresan, Sivi Suresh, and Ousephachan (that’s the spelling he has used for the movie), starts with chanting of some Mantra, and then shifts from Sanskrit to English in one go. Nice, but I somehow find myself wondering how much it is for an average Indian listener.

Every Day, sung by Shakthisree and Ousephachan again goes in English, but this one is more regular, but with enough elements to keep one’s interest. Shakthi’s singing is nice, and more than that, nicely used. The arrangements are light but the overall number and usage of instruments is quite good. Do try.

Franco’s O My Queen is a slow number with a light clubbish feel to it. The USP of the song is Franco’s singing, though he reminds me of Usha Uthup. Probably more so because of Hai ye maaya. But anyway, if you don’t mind the language, listen to the song for Franco’s simple, but lovely singing.

Nivedya and Nirmalya sing the kid song of the album: I walk away. The song has some nice, simple music and the singing is deliberately amateur. Frankly the song is not very effective with its music and singing alone, but listen to the lyrics as well, and the song is not that bad. Though I don’t expect it to be in the movie, if the song makes some part of the background in the movie, it may be more meaningful.

The last song of the album, Dakkanaga, comes from Ousephachan himself with Suchith and Shakthi. Now while the ‘Dakkanaga doogu doogu’ part of the song is superbly lovely, though the rest of the song is not at least as good as that particular part. Still, Suchith’s vocals are interesting and Shakthi’s singing is nice too except that she reminds me of Dhoom in certain parts. Can listen to the for Dakkanaga doogu doogu alone, and my guess is that the slow speed of the song, that is relative to dakkanaga, may keep it run long, provided the song gets enough promotion.

Overall, Dam 999 is a little confused, though interesting album. The songs have quality, but then how many of them will click with the audience today is still a question. Still, I expect good response for at least Baat ye kya and Dakkanaga. And then Mujhe Chhod ke is definitely good too. So try these three, and if you are good with English numbers as well, go for O my Queen and Every day too.

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