Ye Stupid Pyaar: Music Review (Vipin Patwa)

The album begins with Nikhil D’Souza’s Lamha Lamha, and though the song doesn’t seem to be one for a long life, Nikhil’s voice is nice and the music and lyrics are average, making the song an okay one.

Second song in a row begins in such a way that you are bound to think if the composer is some old follower of Pritam. Anyway, KK sings the simple tune of Tere naam se in his lovely voice, almost reminding me of hothon se chhoo lo tum, mera geet amar kar do. I mean, I wonder how many songs have risen in standard simply because of the voice and the way of singing of KK. Not an exceptionally good track, but you’d most probably like to listen to it.

Reeky’s aana phir se aana with all the bands and slightly Atif’ish singing sounds more like a debut album song that tries hard to impress, and does it to a little extent, but never enough.

Aaj Ishq da Mausam of Master Saleem featuring Ritu Pathak is a nice Punjabi composition with some added rap and of course, that wonderful singing of Saleem, adding up to a nice, likable, danceable Punjabi number.

Mehroom hoon main, sung by Shaan and Manjeera Ganguly, is a bit old in its making, even though it has got added lyrics in English. A significant part of the song goes with the English words or ‘mehroom hoon main’ itself, not leaving very much to the song anyway. In short, old stuff, not really recommended.

Vipin Patwa, the composer of the album, features himself in the title song along with the singer of the song, Shreya Ghoshal. Anyway, the tune of the song is catchy and lyrics aren’t far behind. While Vipin takes on the fast paced portions of the song, Shreya does some quality singing at her own pace, and the overall result is worth listening to. Worth a try for sure.

The last song of the album is Maskara with Arun Daga, Sasha and Sadhu, more or less based on ‘kajra mohabbat wala.’ I guess on such a wonderful song, there could be some better work done. Strictly okay, even though no strictness is there in the song.

Overall, Vipin Patwa seems to have got an average style of composition and arrangements with some ups and downs, but mostly wherever he has got some really good singers, they have pulled off the songs, and hence, almost half of the album has got songs which are worth a try at least. I’d say give it a try, you might find a few good tracks, maybe even for the longer run.

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