The Dirty Picture: Music Review (Vishal-Shekhar)

..and Vishal-Shekhar are almost back to being Vishal-Shekhar.

Ooh la la is, as it is supposed to sound, does sound like an average famous song of ’80s n earlier ’90s. Bappi Lahiri is a nice choice for the song and Shreya is not even questionable. The ‘gira ke apna pallu’ part is a total twenty-years-ago material. Awesomeness in its own way.

The first notes of Ishq Sufiana remind me of badmash dil, but from the very rendering of ‘rab ki kawali hai’ the song sounds like making of something big. The song is definitely nice, but as of now I am loving Sunidhi’s female version of the song more, a rare thing as I mostly prefer male versions of songs, just an observation. At the same time would like to tell that Kamal sings really well (expected after his performances in Saregamapa) for a new singer.

Honeymoon ki raat, the next song, sung by Sunidhi again, is something that used to play with all those colored lights in the in the villain’s everything-is-here office-cum-entertainment house in those old movies, and almost as forgettable, though the USP of the song is that you can place it perfectly even today, and due to that I am bound to call it nice work.

The last original song, Twinkle Twinkle, is almost an extension of Ooh la la with some cheap (intentionally again) word play by the lyricist, Rajat Arora here. The song has been given some traces of Sholay’s Mehbooba, and Rana copies Pancham’s singing in the song.

The Dhol Mix of Ooh la la is a help for Deejays at wedding functions. Yeah, you may call it too cheap for a wedding, but so was Choli ke peechhe.

Overall, The Dirty Picture is quite dirty, but Vishal-Shekhar here are to be praised for pinpointing the dirtiness. I mean, you can place almost everything and decide what time they are talking about and what they want to express. Not an easy deal. And then, there is a ‘clean’ Ishq Sufiana too.

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  1. @harshit see VIshal shekar cant make addictive songs or hit songs consistently .they are just average to me.And also “ishq sufiana”,they tried to create magic as “”pee loon” but no music composers can compose romantic songs,addictive songs,catchy tunes as PRITAM does.u always expect awesome songs from pritam,but in case of VS u can only expect average album with no consistency.

  2. Well yup.they are almost back.after a horrible mismash of tech and tunes in, they’ve got it right here. Ooh la la is a hit from the word go..with some superlative singing from bappi lahiri and shreya ghoshal,this one has been infused wit the 1980ness to the core.brilliant work by vishal shekhar.
    Ishq sufiyana sounds like saathiya from singham in d beginning,but takes a PEE LOON like tune and is a winner.infact,i guess even the terrace backdrop in d video is the same one used in pee loon.kamal khan sings like a pro here,flawless. The song comes in another version,a note higher,by sunidhi chauhan.although i liked both of them equally.soulful quality stuff.
    Honeymoon ki raat begins with a retro beat and the signature tune is beautiful.sung by sunidhi chauhan,this one is seduction at its very best. And who else can be better than sunidhi?
    The last one Twinkle twinkle is a cheap rehash of nursery rhymes,which is deliberately composed to justify the title dirty picture.the tune is mediocre compared to the other 3 songs.not bad this one,but it’ll take a li’l time to get on.

    Overall,like i said,this is something what i expected from more thing-its good that none of the two composers sang any song.NO,I’M NOT AGAINST THEIR SINGING.infact,i think shekhar is one of the most polished singers in the industry today.and vishal with his unique husky yet melodious voice,is singing more songs than any other singer at present.but sometimes,its better to leave the singing to the professionals. Overall,this one’s a top album..

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