Tell Me O Kkhuda: Music Review (Pritam)

The album starts with Oh-I-think-I-have-seen-this-on-tv Someone somebody. Well, I mean to say that most of you would have seen it on the TV but probably just don’t remember. Well, again, it seems what you saw on the TV was the remix version and the original version seems to be nice, decent. Sunidhi seems doing well here and the lyrics fit with the slow tune. Actually, I like, though at six minutes the song gets a little too long.

The next entry is that of Anupam Amod and Aditi Banerjee’s Love you Dad, and almost tells you the real life story of Esha Deol and Dharmendra, even though the story in the movie would be something else. Anupam Amod sounds like some singer of ’90s but sounds nice, a nice one after Saudebaazi. As for Aditi, it’s not her song really as she doesn’t get too much to sing here. Emo stuff, not bad if you like that.

Mera man jab se racha hai saanwariya, the song that mentions Rajasthani folk artists in credits, is a lovely experiment, and even though I am getting a feeling that I have heard the tune of the actual song (parts sung by Shweta Pandit) and at the same time unable to place it, it’s the Rajasthani artists who add a different flavor to the simple song and make it more than ordinary.

The next, Title song, Tell me, O Khuda, is a bit tough to bear with in the very beginning. The song with some arabic toches, some rock-level high bass, and some complex singing by Sunidhi, has some good melody, but Sunidhi seemed to be trying a little too hard, and so seemed the case with Pritam, and my feeling is that if the try-so-hard was not there, the song would not sound so much ’90s as it does. Still, not too bad.

Mile na tu, sung by Sunidhi and Anupam seems to be a quicky and though a little catchy, doesn’t seem to have a long shelf life.

The last, Shreya Ghoshal’s Nagma koi gungunane ka mausam aaya hai is one lovely track towards the end of the album. The soft, romantic track gives some freshness to the album in spite of its old-school treatment that makes it sound a little like a ’90s song. Nice one from Shreya.

Overall, there are not much hopes from Tell Me O Kkhuda and in such a scenario, the music of the movie was important, but it fails to be a life-saver for the movie, at least. With a few good thrown in here and there, TMOK looks like a half-hearted attempt from Mausam-y Pritam. Still, if you want to check songs, I’d recommend mera man jab se racha hai, Nagma koi, Love you dad and lastly someone somebody.

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  1. @Harshit
    Pritam da composed this album songs 2 years ago.So, u feels oldy n not gud.Actually Pritam composed Tell Me O Khuda movie music in 2009.i think music of the album is average or just below average though i m a fan of Pritam.
    But i like one song-Mera man jab se
    racha hai
    saanwariya which is a complete blend of Rasjthani folk with romantic singing of sis Shweta on Pritam da composition.BTW i also likes ur genuine review.
    Have a nice day.

  2. @Roshan

    I have an idea that the movie has been in production for a long time and at least some of the songs must have been old, but then, here I am to let people know how I felt the album is. Btw, I too agree with your point on the mera mann song. Interesting use of the folk artists with Shweta’s simple-innocent singing.

  3. @Harshit
    i don’t know this news is true or fake but my fb frnd Pratan Bhatta
    (a big fan of Pritam) sent this msg – ‘Hey here is a gud
    news…in TELL ME O
    KKHUDA pritam
    only compose 2
    sngs bt they give
    pritam’s name for
    full music CD’.If this news is true n if i find out more details than i wil post again.BTW,sis Shweta already told that she was singing Pritam’s Mera
    man jab se
    racha hai
    saanwariya for Tell Me O Khuda movie.So,if my frnd news is true,Pritam composed this 2 songs namely 1.Mera
    man jab se
    racha hai
    saanwariya(reason:singer Shweta told she sang in Pritam music).2.Someone Somewhere (reason:i can see a litle bit Pritam signature type music in this song).But at present,i have no idea above news of Pritam composed only 2 songs.

  4. @Harshit
    Now,i find out.News is true.Crews of Tell Me O Khuda used Pritam tag to upgrade or make people something interest to its music by tagging only Pritam as composer to original cd n only music director of the movie.
    Pritam’s student,who also started composing n also lived mostly with Pritam,my frnd Vivek Kar (singer, musician,student of Pritam) told the news by comfirming to Pritam.We can also see Vivek da composition in future too.

  5. @Harshit
    Finally i comfirmed what song is composed by Pritam.
    Read this –
    Tell Me O Kkhuda (Music review), Hindi
    Pritam, Sajid-Wajid, Abhijit Hegde
    Patil & George Theofanous
    Abhijit Hegde Patils Someone Somebody is blas; its remix, even
    more so. George Theofanouss Mile na tu makes up with some
    enthusiasm, but fails to make any impact. Sajid-Wajids title song is
    incredibly insipid that its a wonder that the duo were called in to
    compose this. That leaves Pritam with 3 remaining tracks of which
    Mera man and Nagma koi are at least 3 years past expiry date,
    while Love you dad is the only track that stands out in some
    minimal way, despite poor vocals. And we go back to singing this
    films title from Aaj main upar.
    Pritam composed 3 songs.1.Mera Man.. 2.Nagma… 3.Love You Dad.

  6. To whoever has written the review and to all the people who have heard the album.

    The song Someone somebody – original version is not just nice and it is composed by Pritam. The Audio CD has printing mistake for the composer for this song. You may find it little long as it 6 minutes because the song is broken to 3 halves in the film ( 1 antara for each journey in the film)

    Love you Dad does tell you the real life story of Esha Deol and Dharmendra. How do you know the story in the film would be something else. It has been written keeping the story of the film in mind.

    Pritam has composed 4 songs in the film that you recommend – Someone Somebody, Love you dad, Morchang (Rajasthani song) and Nagma Koi and still you say TMOK looks like a half-hearted attempt by Pritam.

    Its the 2 other songs which don’t blend with the tone of the other songs and they’ve definitely not composed by Pritam and I think those two songs are out of place and odd ones out.

  7. very ordinary songs composed by talented Pritam except “love you dad” very heart touching song both the singers did good job according to the lyrics and music, it may sound different from present days songs but I think after watching the promos of the song it fits the bill right to the point.We have heard Amod earlier but this girl Aditi thou had no scope in this song but shows what talent she has in her she makes tears roll out simply when watching the promos of the song. If we compare this song with others it really stands out. Hope to hear more songs from her in near future we do need change na …. what you say guys

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