Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat: Book Review

Chetan Bhagat this time takes one of the most simple and highly used stories — A love triangle. And at the outset, there is nothing special in the story, except that it is written by him.

But then, this does make a difference. Chetan’s novels are known for their quality of engaging a person, and this one does that well, though it may not be as engaging as, say, Five Point Someone. Probably the main reason for that is this one doesn’t go in the same series as Five Point Someone and 2 States, the two of his better novels, which were both autobiographical in nature.

Like all other novels by Bhagat, this one too has a Prologue which keeps you hooked to the story, though this time you know that prologue is continued at the end of the story and not much before that, putting the entire story in the flashback. Interestingly, this time the prologue does is not as thrilling or even mysterious as some of his previous ones, but very few pages into the prologue and it sounds mature in a way.

As for the book, it is quite fast paced in the beginning, but becomes slightly dragged in the second half, that for a Chetan Bhagat book. But as a normal author of Indian Fiction, I think Chetan still maintains his distinction as he keeps the reader hooked throughout. Things happen a little predictably, but not too much.

One good thing about the book is that CB tries to add some serious stuff, in terms of country and society, but has not gone over the top like he did in 3 Mistakes. In fact, mostly he has been quite realistic in the way his characters deal with things.

In short, Revolutions 2020, the first book by Chetan that does not start with a number, is not really a revolution, but if you like his reading, I think you wouldn’t be much disappointed. He has been better that this before, and then I’m pretty sure, he has been worse than this too, and this would probably lie right in the center somewhere.

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  1. You exactly mouthed my feelings. Yes, i found this less better compared to two states and five point someone. His witty one liners are less in this one.but then,he dared to write different. He brought up a bold issue in a very superficial way,ensuring not to bore us nor enrage the political system. He just touches at the topics,and comes back without going deeper. Personally,i had expected a hardcore climax,but i was wrong. To be frank,i wasn’t exactly ecstatic when i finished the book.infact,it depressed me a bit.but as the hours passed,i realized that it was not getting off me. In a nutshell,its for ppl who like simple stuff,and who dare to live an honest and ethical life. For the first time,cb has shown reality in a nice non filmy way. Being a medical student of a private college,i’ve seen glimpses the corrupt system the same way he has written. Yes,many ll find it boring and dull. But hey,let the guy write what he has in mind. He gave us superb entertainers. He has a right to show off his serious side:-) anyways,i’d consider this as his 3rd best book after two states and 5 point someone. Worth reading if you are really a GOOD person.

  2. Thanks harshit.but its a fact. I’m sure few ppl will rip apart this novel by saying its boring,dull,etc. But say what you want,u cannot deny the good intentions of the author. Maybe the end was not as dramatic as his usual ends,but maybe this is his first book in which the protagonist listens to his heart and does it,irrespective of circumstances or outcomes


    You said, ‘the first book by Chetan that does not start with a number’.. There is a number in his every book, and now, you see, he has completed digit 1 to 5 –
    1: ONE night @ call center
    2: 2 states
    3: 3 mistakes of my life
    4- digit-sum of 2020 adds up to 4.. thats y, r2020
    5: FIVE point someone

    may be he will include SIX in his next book, if he continues the trend 😉

    another trivia about CBs books is-
    in his every book, central character holds Lord SriKrishna’s name, as
    HARI, SHYAM, GOVIND, KRISH and now GOPAL.. [resp.] 🙂

    CB must be looking out for more names of Lord SriKrishna for his next book 😉

  4. As said in all the reviews,its not that much of A MASALA ENTERTAINER, but it shows the image of the CORRUPT EDUCATION SYSTEM in a SUPERB WAY.
    You stick to the point and love to read the things of bribery and Varanasi, of course. You can imagine the city if you have not been to.
    The characters are superb and the expressions genuine.
    MUST READ..@least for the points he put to know how girls do and think.

  5. Lil Bit Disappointed but it hold me till end..bcz i Knew m reading CB Book..might b some dramtical thing coming which again awake me.But Actly,The greatest thing about CB is,He knowz very well about a common man.He Narates Chararter of gopal Beautifully..But I didn;t move by the end factor.But beeautufully executed through the book by Boss(CB)..

  6. I liked the book…

    but Chetan needs to evolve a bit. There are times when you’re reading it and its going great guns, then he KILLS it with lame, filmy dialog-style narrative stuff like:

    “a side of my face was covered with blood. Sweat began to form on my forehead. I had finally given blood and sweat to studies.”

    … it doesn’t really look polished or professional, I understand CB wants to really try and cOnnect with the readers’inner thoughts but it doesn’t always work OUT in form.

  7. well,,,,REVOLUTION 2020,,,has a dull ending,,,but liked the one liners,and d description of the scenic beauty of VARANASI was awesome,,,tempts me for a boatride with my boyfriend too,,,,d grip fastened at d end,,,but CB has taken the readers for granted in this,,book,,,ive liked al his novels before this one,,and atleast read them twice,,his use of language should be a bit better than used in this book.

  8. As I was beginner when i brought this book & so i had never had such kind of reading experience i liked somewhat this book because Chetan Bhagat’s writing is very simple in Indian accent, then I switched to some other authors then I found his books boring, contains only conversations not a mature writing. So if you already have read other authors then please don’t waste your time & money in this book.
    Also the end of the story is worse than I expected after reading five point someone.

  9. first I thought the novel is a usual love story but it is a love story with message but all da readers won’t like it that I can say .I really loved da character of gopal and aarti of course I can’t forget that name she was my x gf’ s name who’s name has maximum impact in my life it makes this novel really special for me and gopal character is finely written and polished most of da guys would have experienced da feelings felt by him I also experienced and as da book say s I ll also do my bit to develop da society and start a revolution for a better nation for a better india

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