Miley na Miley Hum: Music Review (Sajid-Wajid)

I don’t know how you’re liking the video of Haan yahi pyaar hai showing Kangana Ranaut and Chirag Paswan, the song is easy on ears and Shaan seems to be doing good in some song after some time. Shreya is good as ever, or probably a little better, and that does add to the song. In short, I like.

The second song of the album, Wake Up now, is already on the TV too, and though the song faintly reminds me of some other song, and sounds like a wannabe Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy number, guess it is not too bad for a little party mood. Suzanne’s voice and the second-long entry of ghunghroo’s sound are some good points of the song.

Katto Gilehri of Daler mehndi and Mamta goes a little on the tune of ‘kab din hua kab raat hui mujhe hosh na tha _______ baat hui (haye re).’ The song of course wants to be Munni, but even with Daler’s high voice, it doesn’t reach that height. Still, sounds kinda interesting, and would be more clear when the video comes out. Do not go and listen to it until the video comes out, as you’d get to know yourself whether the song is for you when it’s on TV/Youtube.

Wait. Doesn’t the beginning of Mahi mahi use Tinku Jiya with town’s orchestra? OK, Whatever. Richa Sharma and Wajid’s song once again sounds like desperate ’90s to me. The best part of the song is that Richa doesn’t seem to be trying too hard and goes mostly natural even in this desperate ’90s number. And yes, Wajid sounds different, like a singer. Still, avoidable I say.

Truth be told, even Nazar se nazar mile sounds like ’90s to me, but then it’s not the desperate kind. In fact the beats in the song remind me of Nadeem-Shravan. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is good here but I don’t think there is much for him in the song. Anupama Raag is saccharine sweet here, but no problems with that. Whatever I say, this IS the best song of the album, and since Sajid-Wajid know this, they have one extra version of the song, sung by Wajid, where he sings the first few lines in his newly acquired ‘singer’ voice. No Kidding. 😀

The arrangements of this version are a little more towards 2000s, and Anupama’s voice here reminds me of.. I think Mohabbatein.

Hope you’re not too troubled by my nostalgia in the review of the album. For the rest, I think the album is kind of OK with three more or less good songs. And then there will be Katto Gilehri too. 😛

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  1. I’m gonna review only one song- the rfak version of nazar se nazar milein.
    I’m listenin to the song almost 5 times a day. It reminds me of a better orchestrated nadeem shravan. Simple lyrics, beautiful singing, catchy beats(always a high point of sajid wajid).
    Close ur eyes and listen to the song.u ll be transported to the 1990s when such songs were a rage in musical concerts.
    A Soothing song.must listen. A special mention for the female singer abhilasha.she s fantastic. Infact, when she sings the lines- nazar se… She sounds beautiful,surpassing even rfak at places.

    P.s-maybe i’m wrong,but this song could’ve been set at one scale higher. Rfak would have sounded better.

  2. Listened to the album this morning and frankly Haan Yashi Pyar Hain sounds good and Wake Up Now strangely remind me of the cheesy pop songs of the 90’s although I welcome the mix indian sounds. The other tracks were as you said very 90’s but Nazar Se Nazar Mille stands out as a mix of 90’s and early 2000’s at places.

  3. NO RESERVATION FOR CHIRAG HERE” Its truely a below average movie.Chirag has more focussed on his attitude than acting. Director wanted to keep each and every Hit formula in this movie,but all are invain without good story and acting.
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  4. It is not at all a good movie. Chirag looked busy promoting himself rather than the movie alongwith his dad. This is the result of 4 years. No more movies please bihari boy. Now, aftet the failure in Bollywood do not Enter in Politics on the legacy of your father .

    He is wearing lence and a fake blue eyed actor.
    I WASTED MY MONEY ..Watched it on Wave cinemas seats were so comfortable that i preferred to sleep rather than watching it.

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