Jo Dooba So Paar, It’s Love in Bihar: Music Review

Of course, the movie is supposed to be interesting and so is the music in case of Jo Dooba So Paar, It’s Love in Bihar, if you have seen the promo even once. Here is a review of the album, composed by Manish J Tipu.

The album starts with Tochi Raina and Pia Sukanya’s Shiv ka baaje damru. The song, which is supposed to be romantic, has been added some linguistic elements which can make you laugh too, like ‘chanda bhi kankhi se dekhe tujhe, kudrat ka khela hai tu full too.’ The music and arrangements are simple but powerful and suit the settings of the movie.

The next song, Raghubir Yadav’s Andey garam garam is a satire with the basic tune of Andey garam garam going on that of Vande Mataram. The lyrics of the song, which are probably the most important thing here, are quite interesting, and in places quite thought-provoking. In short, even though this one is not as straightforward from the first line as Mehngai Dayan was, I’d say the song is bang on.

The third song of the album takes a serious, positive tone, as Kirti Sagathia starts singing Chala hoon in a very high quality mode, somewhat like some A R Rahman song, or a little lesser, but then the music takes an interesting turn, towards a dhol based folk’ish mood. And the composer keeps shifts between the two modes in a professional style. Worth a listen.

Aditi Singh Sharma’s Saaley is a really well sung, different piece. The track has a background flavor to it, and may not sound engaging until the movie/video comes out, but still liked the number. Do try if you’re willing to go out and try a little new stuff.

The last track, Pehli baar dekha, sung by composer Manish J Tipu, struck me for two reasons immediately. One, the song sounded nice, something belonging to the age of Kishore Kumar, and second, the composer is not here just to give his name, and his voice is really suiting the song here. Won’t say much about the song now that I have already said some big words. Just listen to it, and let me know if you like it.

Manish J Tipu’s Jo Dooba So Paar, overall, is an album which looks like, will be great with the movie, but even as an independent album, is not bad. Out of five tracks, all five maintain at least a certain standard, which is a commendable thing for any composer, especially for someone as new as Manish (think it’s his second movie after Phas Gaye te Obama). Besides, one thing I did not mention besides the Raghubir Yadav song, is that the lyrics of the songs are good throughout. So applause for the lyricist Shellee as well.

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