Fake Gulzar Account on Twitter!

For once, even I was bowled.

As reported by Pavan Jha, the person who is joked about knowing more about Gulzar than Gulzar himself, and Jitesh Pillaai, the editor of Filmfare, the account @MainGulzar is a fake one.

For the record, here are some tweets from the two.

@JiteshPillaai says:

“Oh shit got conned. @gulzarpost is the real deal. Don’t go by decoys.”

“Dear all @gulzarpost will not be active for a while. I will keep u posted as soon as the legend resumes tweeting. Spread the love.”

“As of now gulzar saab has deactivated his @gulzarpost on twitter. Do not follow any other fake handles please.”

Pavan (@P1J) tweeted:

“@MainGulzar is a fake account.. Just confirmed..”

The confusion was created also because even Jitesh Pillaai posted about @MainGulzar thinking the account was real and retweeted him. I myself was confused by the same and created a post about the account that is now deleted.

Author: Harshit

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5 thoughts on “Fake Gulzar Account on Twitter!”

  1. harshit bro, where were u? i was checking this blog daily but couldn’t find anything new. now u have lot of work. plz review desi boyz, dirty picture, ra1 movie review etc. hurry plz, i m waiting….

  2. @Faj

    Feeling guilty but nice to see these messages. Well. I was home n there was almost no net available. Managed to hear Desi Boyz, liked it too but couldn’t write. Yet to do that. Dirty Picture is done, but Ra.One movie review is not on the plan. M not even gonna watch the movie very soon.

    But yeah, there are other things. Got a few albums I have to check and will probably need reviews. Hoping for some posts on Nov 1, i.e. today. So keep watching the space.

    And yeah, thanks for the message. 🙂

  3. I m also…@Faj, harshit bro, where were u? i was checking this blog daily but couldn’t find anything new.

    what about Item music review(euphoria) harshit? but i didn’t like it.

  4. @Radhey

    Same here. It was for the first time that I heard a Euphoria album with so much enthusiasm only to be so disappointed. So much so that I decided not to write a review as I didn’t feel like writing one.

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