The Secret of the Nagas: Book Review (Amish Tripathi)

Here is a review of Amish Tripathi’s second novel, The Secret of the Nagas, by Soorya.

Its a perfect sequel! A one in a thousand case where (especially) an Indian author writes a trilogy and the sequel is as thrilling as the first book, if not better. Applause for Amish Tripathi for pulling it off in such a grand manner. May be because we had to wait for a long time that the sequel tasted better. The Immortals of Meluha was the first book by the author, which saw a lot of criticism for amateur writing. Unfortunately Amish follows the same style here which often irritates the reader because it has already caught attention as a mythological book and the reader expects a lot of maturity in the language.

[Spoiler warning]

Shiva, the tribal warrior, along with his whole clan is invited to migrate to Meluha, the land of the immortals where many events unfold including him meeting his wife, princess Sati. The first book ends with the meluhan camp confiscating Swadeep where the rule of the land is completely awry. The second book starts from Swadeep and leads to the land of the Nagas, the Dantak forest. The much loving father of Sati, king Daksha turns out to be the villain at the end and the book ends with another suspense where Shiva finds his long lost comrade in the Naga land sound and safe. There are also appearances of many new characters in the second book.The shock is when Sati finds out that the person who was stalking her and whom she considered her arch enemy was in fact her son.

There is also a character called Anandamayi who seemed like Rakhi Sawant initially but later in the book commands respect. Shiva and Sati have a son too named Karthik.

Amish fails to address many issues which were mentioned for sometime and later forgotten. For example what is the medicine which Sati used on Karthik? Or what about the ritual the Branga people perform?

[Spoiler ends]

But nonetheless we cannot underestimate the control Amish has on the plot. Each time we wonder whether he is going in a tangent, and then it all makes sense after a few chapters. The thrill is maintained in each page of the book starting from the first part. This marks the victory of Tripathi. Whaterver stories we have been hearing about the lord Shiva while growing up have found their place in the books.

We can easily give the book a 4/5 and everyone who has read it would be eagerly waiting for the next because the book is a read-it-in-one-sitting kind.

Soorya, who wished to teach all her life, is an IT professional by chance and an ardent reader by nature. Given a chance, she can spend her entire life reading and writing. She hails from the God’s Own Country but now lives in the IT city Bangalore.

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  1. If at all Mr. Amish was interested in writing an adventure novel, the plot could have been other than LORD SHIVA….seems all the religious text including the vedas & the eternal truth which was even the two LORDS, Bharmna & The Lord NARAYAN himself could not know, Mr Amish knows all quite well…..about the LORD of the lords SHIVA..
    Even the Vedas & Pooranas fail to praise & who is the reason with in him self of all including this & all unknown universe..the eternal…has been Caricatured & characterized as if Mr.Amish has been evedient to all ……LORD SHIVA.
    pls stop doing this ….

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