Silhouettes Unravelled by Advika Gupta (Book Review)

The book is a collection of poems written by a sixteen year old on various topics ranging from coffee to friendships to even Dr Manmohan Singh. There is a range of myriad emotions depicted through various poems in the book. The poems are written in very simple sentences and most of them seem like a prose than a poem. Some of the poems are very short while some extend to even nine pages. While we should appreciate the author for putting together a range of poems as vast as this at this young age, a careful editing is missing in many of those.

The amateur writing can be justified by the authors age. But in many poems the author leads the reader to believe that she is writing about love, though at the end it turns out to be coffee or a dog and even a curtain. It would be amusing at the beginning to read one or two poems written like that, but not quite when every alternate poems turns into these.

At the same time, poems like Spark-a-change show maturity on the authors thoughts. Some like Vicious Circle give a fine picture about the author on how she can bring about a change in the world’s condition. Jalianwala Bagh is a very touching poem which has been written from a childs point of view on that incident.

At the beginning of each poem, there is a sentence or two which explain what the following poem is all about. It’s a welcome move, because without this, some of the poems wouldnt make sense at all. Also, some poems look like sentences put together about a topic, and once we complete reading about half of the book, the rest becomes very predictable.

But I should admit that the book would make a perfect gift for a school going kid, probably because of the amateurish and kind of innocent, unadulterated view of the world that the book offers.

Soorya, who wished to teach all her life, is an IT professional by chance and an ardent reader by nature. Given a chance, she can spend her entire life reading and writing. She hails from the Gods Own Country but now lives in the IT city Bangalore.

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