Saheb Biwi aur Gangster: Music Review (Various)

I was wondering whether to write a review or leave it for tomorrow when the second song of the album, Shail Hada’s Main ek Bhanwra caught my attention. A composition of Amit Sial and penned by Sandeep Nath, the simple song reminds me of the songs of Kishore Kumar’s days, should I say the ’70s if I am not exaggerating too much. Anyway, I think I have said a lot about the song. So listen and decide for yourself.

The next comes Rekha Bharadwaj’s I love to love you, composed by Anuj Garg. The lyrics of the song remind me of Gulaal to some extent, while the music of the song has a retro touch. Rekha is perfect here.

Chu Chu Acoustic version, which is sung by Debojit Saha, sounds a bit strange in the beginning though the song sounds like quite a nice composition going further. A slow number, with a retro feel again. Nice.

The next gem of the album is Abhishek Ray’s Shreya sung composition Raat Mujhe ye keh ke chidhaye. The song, with minimal instruments in the background, gives a light feeling with Shreya taking the song on her own, something at which is she’s quite a professional now. Lovely one.

Ek Sahab bada hatheela sung by Vipin Aneja and Ankit Tiwari, and a composition of latter, is more of a story, but still sounds nice in a way.

By the time I reached the song number seven, I didn’t even remember there was Arif Lohar’s name on the cover of the album. As he sings Ankhian, you get yet another song worth listening to, for a long time if you like serious Punjabi songs.

The last song of the album is a party version of Chu Chu, which sounds equally strange, but Parthiv Gohil’s singing sounds more natural than Debojit’s, and hence the song sounds a little better. Though the club/cabaret effect probably won’t be a plus over the acoustic version in the longer run.

And yes, Babbu Mann’s Jugni, that starts the album is a typical Jugni number, though the mixing might sound a little too much here.

Overall, Saheb Biwi aur Gangster is something different, and something that keeps the hope alive that there will be different songs always there, especially talking of the old ones. I would recommend Main ek Bhanwara, Ankhiyan, and even chu chu acoustic. And then there is Raat Mujhe and a not-so-serious I love to love you. OK. I recommend this entire album. Do listen to it. At least once. You may leave Jugni if you so wish.

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  1. Main ek bhanwra is soothing,brilliant. Chu chu’s both versions are addictive,after a few hearings. Avoid Jugni. Raat mujhe is another gem.slow and beautiful. Ek saahib bada hatila sounds amateurish in parts,but overall nice.reminded me of sararara from ye saali zindagi.ankhian didnt arouse me. Finally i love to love you-sensuous,seductive and melodious.superlike this one.waitin for its video which s been shot in d palace of my city baroda. Lovely album.

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