Rockstar (2011) Music Review (A R Rahman)

Rockstar starts with Mohit Chauhan singing Phir se ud chala. The song, that starts with a relatively light mood and gets a breezy effect from Mohit, like the words of the song, gets remixy by the end, actually a nice experiment that will catch on slowly. One very interesting part of the song, though, was the background vocals in the beginning and end.

Jo bhi main kehna chahoon, barbaad karen alfaaz mere. Frankly, I am a fan of this one line written by Irshad Kamil. And then A R Rahman in an experimental mood, composing like there is someone actually singing at a concert. And Mohit Chauhan singing that. I don’t think there was anything more required, but still, the song has a lovely video as an add-on. Seems I wrote a lot just praising the song, but guess it’s worth that. Do listen.

Katiya Karoon. Dangerous words. Rocking music. And superb vocals by Harshdeep. If she has managed to be not famous even after Rang De Basanti, this time Rahman is definitely gonna make her known. DO listen.

Kun Faaya Kun is once again Rahman at his regular divine stuff, sung by him with Javed Ali and Mohit. I sometimes wonder how Rahman is so easily able to create such wonderful songs in the same segment, one after the other, and all of them equally great. Yes, good is a small word here.

The next, Sheher mein, is a Very exceptional number, where one person tells how to sing, that is what to do, followed by lines, followed by Ranbir that is Mohit singing them again. While Karthick sings the song as a regular singer, Mohit takes every line in a stylish mood and you just enjoy the difference.

Hawa hawa, featuring Rahman’s Foreign language gang with Mohit Chauhan, has an Arabian touch in its music and arrangements, while Mohit again sings with some more experimentation. Wondering how much of experiment is going to be there with his voice in just one album. Not a quick catch, may be interesting with a video though, as the song has some interesting words with a conversational style.

Aur ho, the next song, that begins with Alma Ferovic’s voice, is the first true rock number of the album. Even though the background of the song is quite light in most of the song and has a very familiar Rahman touch, but Mohit’s voice gets incredibly high in some places, like an all new rockstar. Do listen for a nice glimpse of that old Rahman.

Rahman and Mohit’s O Naadan Parindey, which is already a lovely composition in itself, has got a LOT of experimentation done by Rahman in background and foreground, and unless you listen to the song a few times you’ll find a song a little difficult to follow. But whatever you do or do not, make sure you listen to Kaaga re kaaga re part sung by Mohit. Lovely, no, Very lovely one.

When I heard the 30 second preview of Kavita Krishnamurthy Subramaniam’s Tumko pa hi liya, I thought of it as a very regular song, and was wondering if Rahman should have given it to Madhushree to making it a little more interesting.

I was wrong.

Rahman makes a lovely slow number with a nice, light Indian-Western fusion with a lot of Tabla, while Kavita just sings the slow, long melody in the foreground. A song that will take some hours to get on, and a lot, lot more to get off.

Next to next after tum ko, comes tum ho, almost the same tune sung by Mohit Chauhan, with all different style and arrangements, so much so that it’s difficult to guess its the same song if you’re listening to both for the first time. Mohit sings the song much more beautifully, but not taking much away from Kavita’s version as what she sings is again equally different.

Tango for Taj, the three minute instrumental, is a common, but nice, and to some extent engaging track that one would actually like to dance on. While Dichtomy of Fame, based on Shehnai and guitars, is one instrumental piece in long time I really liked, even though I don’t think I have much of an ear for instrumental pieces.

The last track, The Meeting Place, is rendition of a single sentence by Ranbir, based on Rumi’s poem. All I have to say is that if they had not given this one, people probably would ask for it after watching the movie.

And if you are wondering where is Sadda Haq, it’s between Kavita’s Tum ko, and Mohit’s Tum ho, but had decided to avoid until the end. Have still to play it.

Orianthi. Superb guitars from the first second.

Besides that, I don’t know much about Sadda Haq aithe rakh. The song is completely anthem-ish. And it gives you a high like it should, even though the best part of the song is already listened by almost everyone, tens of times in my case. The song is expected to do well everywhere, including country, overseas, in Punjab and out of it (talking of the language), on youtube, and probably even on your website if you put it there. You can listen to it while exercising, or getting ready for an exam. If you’re going for some protest, it’s a must have, be it social, political, or emotional. In short, Sadda Haq aithe rakh is a song for many seasons. And you can probably buy the CD for this song alone.

Enough said.

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  1. First and foremost the album is brilliant and as any A.R.Rahman album, grows on you. I have heard Pritams work and Imtiazs previous projects as well. They have been brilliant as well. But just using one genre Rahman has created more magic that i doubt others would have even fared. Almost all the tracks are individual and do not even remind his prior work. It should be noted many other MD have run out of gas, sticking to one style and rehashing their own work. Rahman clearly stands out. I heard the previews of Sadda Haq but when i heard the song i was like man this is long and that guitar sound was too loud. Now i’m like hooked upto it singing “Saadda Haq aite rakh” repeatedly with that nana nanana part. The song is one word wonder and its only been 5 days since i heard it.
    Nadaan parindey was my instant favourite, from the word go its a mellifluous ride with rahman and mohit. I didn’t want to skip listening it, its simply awesome. The guitar parts i’m loving it really. No one could have done justice to such a composition.
    The third and final track i heard was Jho bhi mein. The ‘yeyye’ part i had listened earliar made me give it a go, after that brilliant track Nadaan parindey. The song on the first listen was like too slow. After listening the last three days it just feels like Rahman is a master of crafting music. This song is too good. Even with its slow pace its still catchy full mark to Mohit as well. Thats all i can take at one go. The album is sure to be one of my all-time favourites.

  2. My sincere apologies to “Yumlembam Roshan”, I know u r a fan of pritam….I hope u love the music after watching the movie, if u have understanding of situational music….

    well said “shaheen”

    @Yumlembam Roshan, I am not a defected fan….I am a huge fan of Rahman Sir…..hey pritam fans go to below links:

    My request to all who didn’t like Rockstar music…please stop listening Rahmans sir music….and don’t put your comments…don’t ever compare him with others….he is the GOD of MUSIC

    Why pritam didn’t get any awards (Filmfare)? I also like Pritam’s work very much but when I come to know….his songs are not inspired, he full copied the songs. I am not against inspired songs but I don’t like copy. If you want I will give several proofs…..

  3. @Harshit
    I think Mithoon past experience in “Tu hi mere rab” hurt him. he worked very hard for it but fail. however i like all song but he could’t get commercial success. i can’t understand what went wrong with album.lyrics,music was superb.
    go on youtube & search “indian bollywood plagiarsm pakistani songs”. it has more than 10 part. then u will know pritam is not only. all music director do it.

  4. @Fahad
    my only complain with mithoon is he sound same in most songs. isn’t it possible to feature tu hi mere rab songs in new movies. mithoon should come a bit on screen. he don’t have enough populority as he deserve. even i never watch or read his interview in indian newspaper or channel. i don’t say he should cross limits like other but he need to be more media friendally. what u think.

  5. @Yusuf
    Thanks for accepting my comments.
    BTW,u again tried to become a defected fan of Rahman by saying Stop commenting on Rahman music album if people don’t like.Know it-Rahman ho ya Pritam,koi bhi composer perfect nahi hai.Logo ko haq hai bolneka agar Rahman ka kuch gana pasan nahi ata to kyunki Rahman bhi kabhi kabhi flop music deta hai.
    Agar flop gana compose kiya to wow bhi tum to Hit bolega kyunki tere sarpar Rahman ka ek ajib fan hone ka bhoot jhesa kuch hai ishliye-u said something wrongly.Agar kishiko gana atcha nahi laga to Tu kahe ga comment mat de.Ye to galat bat hai.Rahman bhi flop music deta hai,to tera thought ke babajut kya usko bi hit kahana chahiye kya?

    Seriously,i think u have something overdos thats why u can’t accept people saying-song is or album is not gud.Rahman ho ya Pritam.All composers also composed some flop songs which people can’t said gud.
    If some people also commented album is not very gud u also accept a little bit that has lack some massive power.
    Remember-i m not a fan of only namesake composers.If Pritam composed flop i also said those songs as not gud.
    But,according to ur fanism to Rahman-all songs of Rahman is hit whether gud or not.
    And u said-don’t comment if people don’t like some songs of Rahman?
    I don’t think that was a gud.
    And u also insulted by saying Pritam is not a king of Romantic music.
    Remember-Pritam is the king of Romantic songs n Rahman also too.but ur flaw part is u only have the mind of only one composer Mr.Rahman n said only Rahman is the king by neglecting others.Music is not for one man,music can’t be created by one man.Music is universal,only one man(Rahman)can’t be said as God or King.Music is borrowed by nature frm God than people borrowed.
    Only one man cannot be said as God or King of Music.Earth is very wide,we have many Kings or God of music.
    And every composers can’t always compose hit music including Rahman coz God created man with some weakness,imperfect,bad n gud.All of us has both positive n negative likewise Pritam n Rahman sometimes also composed flop which u needs to be accepted.
    And about ur ashaming Pritam links-i knew all not need ur proofs but one think u forgot.
    Pritam also added many beautiful Chords to those songs.
    One n greatest strong point of Pritam is he is the master in designing n remaking a already existed old songs into a hit.Making already existed normal song a hit its not easy.Pritam can make a ordinary song into a hit song coz
    he is master in designing music too which required original art of music.So,ur saying he fully copied is not genuine.u always can see what OST Chords is added by Pritam da in those.
    So,my request is don’t said bad thing.i always like Rahman n Pritam n also did’t compared both.
    U don’t like bad comment about Rahman likws me on Pritam.i don’t said any bad thing so,control n always stay a true fan n don’t said harmfully to others.Lets end the topic.i wished hit 4 Rockstar n also likes
    some songs very much.Have a nice day Yusuf bro.

  6. @Yusuf bro
    Oye bro,at present i m using mobile so i can’t write much long 😀
    i forget to comment about ur saying why Pritam didn’t recieve any awards? :O
    Thats was funny 😀 and u bracketed -(filmfare) thats make me ohh!
    BTW Pritam has nominated 7 times which is very gud.nominated
    several times for
    Filmfare Award for Best
    Music Director , Star
    Screen Award for Best
    Music Director and IIFA
    Best Music Director
    Award in the years
    2007, 2008, 2009 and
    2010. In 2010 He won
    the IIFA Award and the
    Apsara Producer’s Guild
    Award for his music in
    Love Aaj Kal.He also
    won the Radio Mirchi
    “Composer Of The Year
    Award” for his music in
    Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab
    Kahani . In 2011 he won
    the Big Star Award for
    his song “Pee Loon” in
    Once Upon A Time In
    Mumbaai . He also won
    The Global Indian Film
    and Television Honours
    award for “Special Music
    Director” for his music in
    Once Upon a Time in
    Mumbaai and Mirchi
    Music Listeners Choice
    “Album Of The Year” for
    the same. He also won
    Most Popular Music in
    Star Screen Award 2011
    for Once Upon a Time in
    Mumbaai.This means people r liking his music whether he got awards or not.Liking by people is higher than awards.Not only Awards can compose Hit Music.
    Yusuf bro wait 4 Filmfare award Pritam will recieve that too if u also blessed 😀
    BTW,Pritam is just biginning,wait 4 his huge awards.He is just 40 year old.u can see his improvement by being nominited cosecutively for filmfare best music director award frm 2005 to 2011 which not easy.
    I blessed n wishes to God for Rahman to won many awards.Pliz,bro u also wish 4 Pritam da.
    Kyapata tere wish se Pritam da ko Oscard bhi miljaye…lol 😀
    Now,i m enjoying great unbeatable song Kun Faya Kun of Rahman.What a mindblasting soulful song! Its really awesome Rahmanic song.

  7. Thank you for explaining me, I agreed and appreciate ur comments…I can’t hear or see any bad things or some bad comments hence sometime loose control…I also like pritams work, I wish he stopped copying song and win my confidence…..currently I like both the version of “rabba mein to” from mausam….when slumdog nominated for oscars…I am very confident on Rahman ji that he surely won the oscars and my wish come true..when I heard 127 hours OST without any doubt I told my frnd that this album also nominate for oscars and when the 127 hours ost release, on the very first day I written on FB that it is surely nominate for oscars…. and I am not a defected fan…I am a very true fan and always fight, if his music is good. I bet u will remember my words after watching the movie…

    Sorry for hurting you….

  8. @Yusuf
    Thanks bro,
    i also wish Rahman sir to get Oscard not only in Hollywood zone also in Foriegn Film zone which is the most difficult zone 4 winning Oscar.Rahman got Oscar in Hollywood movie n also nominated 4 Oscar in Hollywood movie but i want some one whether Rahman or other indian to get Oscar in Foreign movie music zone which is the most difficult.i want to see Bollywood movie music nomination 4 Oscar not only Hollywood of Dany Boyle.
    Lets hope 4 it 😀
    Have a nice day.

  9. I don’t think pritam copy any song for mausam. which song can compete “it tu hi tu” & “pure se jara kam h”. still after rockstar both are best with ishq-risk & jiye kyun. btw that’s clear irshad kamil is the best lyricist of 2011 with 3 biggest album mere brother, mausam & now rockstar.

    @Fahad & roshan
    who are ur fav singer & lyricist. i think i have know ur best music director.

  10. i can only say its not like the work which rahman can produce and u understand can………simplest example the quwwali is not even touching the bases of rahmans previous ones like khwaja,piya haji ali or maula frm delhi6……i dont know what happen to rhaman after the oscer….couple of songs r good only & we all know rahman is not just a good composer he is beyond…….
    about pritam 1 thing is clear from whereever he picks d songs but still his pickings are good enough to hit d charts its his telent…

  11. @faj of course,its pritam! I loves almost all,my favourite singer is k.k..favourite lyricist,vthout any doubt,its none other dan sayeed quadri..den amitabh verma and jaideep sahni(dey wrote only 4 some movies,bt dey r amazing)den irshad kamil,javed akhtar and kumaar…wt abt ur favourites dear?

  12. @fahad
    we have same choice bro.i like pritam, mithoon. atif aslam, kk, mohit chauhan are the my fav. sayeed qadri is fav lyricist with irshad kamil. i have to wait too long for mithoon, atif aslam & sayeed qadri work. btw these 3 combine in tere bin, kuchh is tarah & what they create that is magic. Want to see them working together.

    can any one tell me meaning of kun-faya-kun the kawwali of rockstar.

  13. @Naveen
    any one can say S-E-L are the composer of don2. i think they are failing continuous from some time. so i m not much excited about don2. need some freshness frm s-e-l & javed sahab. Javed sahab also did nothing special frm some time. I think he is ur fav lyricist. that’s my opinion. i don’t want to hurt u.

  14. The song Dichotomy of Fame deserves special praise, I believe. The instrumental is heart touching and such a genuine piece of music. From what I gather, its going to be picturized on Shammi Kapoor, and the visuals one can imagine with Ranbir and Shammi sharing screen space for the very first time, are going to be scintillating.Naadaan Parindey and Jo Bhi Main are very well composed and arranged and very well sung by Rahman saab and Mohit.

  15. “Saddaaaaa haq…
    Aithe rakh…….” the word i say more than 100 times a day oh my god its really and awesome, rocking, electrifing, powerful song. I’m damn sure tat rockstar is hit for sure. A.R. And mohit has rocked and still rockin.. “Sadda haq” should be spread to whole world. “Sadda haq……… “

  16. Best Song is Aur Ho… superb dark arrangements by Rahman.. surasses Satrangi Re of Dil Se.
    and as a person who loves instrumentals, I give thousand salutes to Rahman Saab for fusing Shehnai with guitar in Dichotomy of Fame instrumental. Only Rahman can compose such a wondrous tune.

  17. If just someone has to praise rahman then there is nothing to say. This ting ling, sadda haq and otehr song in rockstar are utter crap like …the song …..Vouu VouU (Jai ho)…

    Rehman passed his prime and lobbying for oscar doesnt make anyone a great composer. Even a oscar doesnt make sense in indian music genre.

  18. Pritam is copy cat and its true …but does it mean he does not make music at all….why cant others just copy and be famous…rehmans last marvel was delhi six…and rest are just so very forgettable….running a song 100 times in fm doesnt make a song hit…this days music have become so shallow…thanks to rehmans of teh world

  19. A.R Rehamn is a loud musician. The louder the better with bad and loud mix of western instruments. The undisputed king of western mix in bollywood RD Burman still rules our heart with his classic mix of western instruments and melody of east. Thats why we still hum ‘Chura liya’ or ‘Piyaa too ab to aja’ Rehamn given good music only in Roja to name few. His limitation in the music was exposed in his failure to give a catchy music for Commonwealth games’ after soo many rejections and spending a whooping INR 5 cr. of tax payer money. Here he failed miserably to ‘waka waka’ girl Shakira who given us such a unforgettable album in the World cup. He also copied Shakira’s ‘Hips don’t lie’ (2006) for his Taxi Taxi Song from the film Sakkarakatti [2008]. We still remember ‘Swagatam Atha Swagatam’ composed by Pt. Ravi Shankar for Asiad’82 free of charge as against forgettable AR Rehaman score for Commonwealth games. His miserable failure in 2010 (Ravan, Robot, Jhoota Hi Sahi) exposed his limitations. He got an Oscar for ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ which was not his best and shrouded with controversy (As the film was sweeping the Oscars so he also got one- Behata hua Pani mein hath dho lo). The Rockstar music is loud. boring and not catchy (If you play the same music umpteenth times in music channel- u know what I mean). Director of Rockstar could have done better with Shankar Ehsan Loy for the movie.

  20. Rockstar’s music was a great disappointment. Sounds like left-over music from Jodha Akbar. Rahman (although very brilliant) seems to be lost here along with director Imitiaz Ali. The 3 people who let down Rockstar are 1) ARRahman – worst music (so what if won an Oscar – he has been very selfish here promoting his own voice with some wierd songs which do not gell with mood of the film, 2) Imitiaz Ali – seems to be lost and does not have a good vision, and lastly 3) the heroine (bad actress) and totally let down the movie. Ranbir as usual was excellent and deserves every award he got. These are my opinions, what others think are theirs.

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