Ra.One: Music Review (Vishal-Shekhar)

To start with, Vishal-Shekhar have tried to created an album as international as possible. Out of the fifteen tracks, there are a number of themes, and some four of the songs have good amount of English.

The album starts with Chhammak Chhallo, about which I don’t think I need to write much as the song has been there for long now. The only two things I’d say are, one, Akon’s pronunciation of Hindi words is quite impressive, and two, love the song or hate it, it’s addictive. Highly so.

The second song, Dildara Dildara, based on Ben King’s Stand by me, is nice. Shafqat’s rendition of the song makes it a regular but very much lovable song. May sound templated on Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s patterns, but it’s great to listen to anyway.

The third track, Criminal, sung by Akon again, with Shruti Pathak and Vishal Dadlani, is addictive as papappap, as well as dhinna dhinna. Addictive again, though the album seems to be getting a bit repetitive here.

And so, there comes, bhare naina, sung by Nandini Srikar, for a much required break. The song, which is a nice composition and goes mostly on Nandini’s vocals supported by Tabla in the beginning, gets a bit into Jogi Mahi’s ‘dil thame hue’ mode, but surprises with English lyrics in that background. Interesting for sure. But either way, it’s Nandini’s song who beats almost anything else with the rendition of this soulful tune.

Sid Coutto’s Right by your side seems like yet another repeat of jaane kyun dil chahta hai in the beginning, but then turns away a little and comes up a not-so-fresh, but a lovely and a little addictive number. Nice, but I feel that Vishal-Shekhar probably could do a little more different.

Raftaarein credited to Vishal and Shekhar deliberately reminds you of ‘Duniya mein logon ko,’ and then turns into a full fledged background song for the superhero. Not really a musical thing to listen to until the video comes, but I hope the song would get much more meaning with the movie.

The last ‘song’ Jiya mora ghabraaye brings the much searched-for name of Sukhwinder Singh (at least for me, in Vishal-Shekhar and Vishal Bharadwaj’s albums especially) and while his singing is as impeccable as ever, I do not know how many of fans would like the more of music, a little rap and more of alaap by Sukhwinder. Not upto the mark for me.

As far as the themes are concerned, didn’t find anything too attractive in Comes the Light, while IM On looks like good ringtone material because people are already familiar with the track as background theme. Song of the end is effective, though it sounds like a typical ‘end’ tune of movies, a little older ones I’d say.

Chhammak Chhallo’s Club mix is quite nice and likable while the Punjabi mix does not seem too different from the original once Akon starts singing. Criminal’s remix is so very very typical Akon. In the Chhammak Chhallo international version, there was not much difference, except that I couldn’t find Shruti Pathak there. The ‘remix’ after so much is strictly for dance floors.

Overall, Ra.One is not something usual. If you’re looking for a regular, nice album with melodious numbers from Vishal-Shekhar, you may be in for a disappointment. But then I don’t think that was the aim of the album or the movie from the very start. It’s more of an experiment with at least some amount of English in every song, even the very Indian bhare naina. And as an experiment, I think it’s quite successful, as many of the songs are definitely going to be addictive, and hence popular.

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  1. I dont know,i was disappointed,to be frank. I’ve just heard the songs once,so i maybe wrong. I loved chamak challo.akon and hamsika iyer are fantastic.
    Dildara is the best track of d album.criminal is average,though good beats. Bhare naina is good,but seems out of place in such an album. Right by ur side is below average. Raftarein is okay. Jiya mora falls below my expectations. Overall, d album is more of noise rather than melody, something i didnt expect.barring two three tracks,the rest are heavy on orchestra and rock,but fall short of tunes.

  2. Harshit, a word about love breakups zindagi. I’m not being biased,but i’m lovin that album. Agreed dat d entire album evokes a deja vu.every tune is common.but the final product is good,in terms of melody. I mean,when experimental tracks like ra one and soundtrack are coming, sometimes simplicity does make an impact. To say that the songs are not good,would be unfair. Infact,i’m listening to all the 4 songs everyday since one week,and they are pleasantly good. And i’d love to read your review on that album.

  3. @Digi:

    Thanks for the long comments. In most of the places in Ra.One, I had more of or less the same thoughts, though I believe Bhare naina was much required in this album. Gives at least something to the album.

    On LBZ, never said it was bad or not likable. The only problem is that it’s templated, not fresh. Salim-Sulaiman are not yet overused, but yes, if they create two more similar albums (and I am getting a feeling that Azaan is going to be similar), it’ll get a bit too much.

  4. @harshit,ur view on salim sulaiman is totally wrong…dey always doing wat dey knows..if dey get a chance to compose a big film,dey vl rock..tell me,wats wrong vth LBZ? I agreed,dey used d same arrangements in rab rakha,bt d sng s really njoyable…d breezng rozaana..d heart meltng chaaye hai tanhayi(yes,little short,bt brilliant!)…giv some respect 2 dem..jst remembr der soulful sng o re pia,one of d finest compositions in d indian music history, vch proves der real talent!!

  5. @farhad- even i’m floored by dildara.but am yet to get a full version of the song. And harshit is not depriving salim sulaiman of any respect.but he too has a point.they are being repetitive. Agreed dat even i loved the album,but even harshit has a point. Look at sajid wajid.their music has always been mediocre,but still lapped up by d audience. Salim sulaiman too are,at d moment creating music that goes well with d masses.but they ll need another AAJA NACHLE to prove that they are here to stay long.

  6. Lovely album..chammak Chalo and criminal are awesome party numbers with better shelf than munnis and shielas..dildara and naina bhare are undoubtedly the best numbers lyrically.raftaarein will surely be a rage during the release time..Right by your side is your usual V-S song(though good to hear) with a limited shelf life..jiya mora ghabraye is more of a trans,those expecting it to be a signature sukhwinder song will be little disappointed. All in all a wonderful effort by vishal shekhar

  7. @Fahad

    I never said they are any less talented. I wonder how u missed Aashayein (the song) and Chak de if you’re talking of their greatness. Two songs that will always be there to say there were two brothers who could move an entire nation with their music. And it’s not just that. Be it Fashion, or haule haule, Pankhon ko, or ainwayi ainwayi, they have been awesome in number of ways, numerous times. But I repeat, too much repetition of ANYTHING brings you down. Whether u r Rahman or Himesh. And believe me, Vishal-Shekhar, Salim-Sulaiman, and even SEL seem to be inching towards that one problem. Probably that’s the reason Sohail Sen and Sachin-Jigar’s freshness is doing wonders nowadays.

  8. what is wrong with you guys, i thought the album was awesome. esp chammak challo which is at the top of the charts, dildara which is the best romantic composition i thought this year, criminal is a unique dance track and every1 loves dancing + akon has sung it, raftaarien is fast and peppy which will highlight in the train action sequence ( also itz a tribute to burman saab), bhare naina is awesome, right by your side was not bad and i loved the orchestra piece in musicals…what else do you want from an album? guess these guys are typical dhinka chika stupid ass lovers…

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