Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge: Music Review (Raghu Dixit)

Welcome to Bollywood, Mr Project. (For the uninitiated, Raghu Dixit is the only guy I know whose band is called Project. Hence the loving name.)

Dhaeon Dhaeon sung by Vishal Dadlani and Aditi Singh Sharma is addictive, and still it’s not what you call come n go. Nice.

Ash King and Shilpa Rao’s Uh-oh-uh-oh kya hua is something to love. The music, especially the orchestration of the song sounds quite simple, but I don’t think many people can do it this nicely. Beautiful job by the composer, as well as both the singers. DO listen.

Six seconds into the next song ‘Baatein shuru‘ and I was impressed anyway. With the music of course. And then, the way Raghu Dixit uses Shefali Alvaris’ different voice, it’s really nice. Joi Barua probably for the first time gets to sing a Bollywood song in his raw voice. I mean he has mostly worked with Amit Trivedi for individual songs, or even otherwise you mostly get his voice with a lot of background music, but here it’s different. The song, too, is interesting, with light music and a melody that keeps changing. Nice, different.

Suraj Jagan’s solo Chhoo le is actual rock stuff. And though I never considered myself an actual rock fan in the least, I quite liked the song. Suraj goes up, down, and is almost ready to burst at some points, and still manages to sound good. Tough job for sure. All I can say is that he rocks in this one.

Har Saans mein from the first note reminds me of Hey Bhagwan. And then I realize that Raghu Dixit comes up with an old track of RDP, from 2007 I guess. But then, the song would be new for many fans of Bollywood. And is still as good as anything to listen to. Ths one’s pure awesomeness from that master.

Overall, Mujhse Fraandship Kaorge is an album full of freshness. In fact I guess Dhaeon Dhaeon that is already in market, is the most ‘typical’ song of the album. Rest of the album will be much better I suppose.

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  1. love this review! like how you’re receptive of a relatively new musis director

    this album is SUPER fresh. Whatta nice change from the usual stuff churned out by Pritam/VS/SEL etc.. they all cool but this was a much needed change.

    In complete love with Baatein Shuru.. love the voices, and it has an adorable 90s pop song-ish feeling, like the likes of Mehnaz etc

    awesome stuff!

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