Mod: Music Review (Tapas Relia)

Shivam Pathak and Shreya Ghoshal’s ‘Tu hi tu‘ is nice in music, its orchestration, and singing as well. The slow, restricted number with relatively light music is easy on ears, while Shivam Pathak’s so-heard voice seems really nice in the song.

The next song, Ae meri jaaniya, happens to be a solo for Shivam, and he, kind of expectedly, sounds a lot like in the footsteps of Sonu Nigam, in his early days, though the husky touch give a different character to his voice. Nice singing by him on the slow number, but I guess there is scope for improvement for him, more in the level of confidence.

Track three, Chand pal ke humsafar by Shankar and Shreya, starts a bit too low, but once it picks up the actual tune, the song starts growing, and Shankar almost adds a life to the song. One additional good part of the song are the positive lyrics.

With three nice, slow songs the album was getting a bit too nice, I mean, a bit boring you can say. So here comes none other Raghubir Yadav, to sing Aaj tu ho gayi jawaan, which one can count as a tribute to Kishore Kumar. The rawness of the song is its USP, though I must warn you that the song is no ‘mehngai dayan,’ if the title of the song didn’t already tell you that. Still, it’s completely worth listening to, as it’s completely different.

If one version of the song wasn’t enough, Tu hi tu is here in another, very unplugged version sung by almost Mohit Chauhan’ed Vijay Prakash. Yes, Vijay can do a Mohit Chauhan quite well and he has even sung some songs’ Tamil and other South Indian versions as well. Here he does something similar and quite well. No, not mimicking Mohit, but he sings quite well, in a voice that may sound like that of Mohit’s at times.

Btw, Aaj main jawaan ho gayi remix is no less. Interesting one. Do try.

Overall, Mod is an album that may not sound like must-buy, and may not be looking like promising the world, but the light album has quite some potential and if you’re one for light music, it may well fit in your collection, with some songs that may be listened to and liked at any time.

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