Azaan/ Aazaan: Music Review (Salim-Sulaiman)

If you too feel that Salim’s Afreen is kinda repetitive and sounds a little like Fashion’s Marjaava, go listen to Rahat’s unplugged version of the song. Salim-Sulaiman once again do quality stuff with Rahat. My only say after the version is that the original version could have been given to Rahat as well.

The next track, Khuda ke liye, is again quite templated and very typical of Salim-Sulaiman, but is lovely nonetheless. Shraddha Pandit’s voice is innocent and sounds nice. The song might not be too fresh, but is certainly worth listening to.

The next, Kailash Kher’s Qawwali’ish Bismillah is one track that sounds a little blank except for Kailash’s vocals in the beginning but as the song proceeds, it grows on you and sounds soothing, relaxing. Definitely like.

Habibi Habibi by Mitika and Benny Dayal gets a new start with the wind instrument, while the song later goes on to become an Arabic sounding number, just like the name says. Benny Dayal quite surprises with his vocals here. Never thought he could sound Arabic. Nice, fresh one from Salim-Sulaiman.

Aazaan theme sounds more like the background music of the climax scene though, and doesn’t make too great an entry in the soundtrack.

Overall, Aazaan is a nice soundtrack from Salim-Sulaiman. The album has only four original songs, but all of them are worth a listen, and then for people like me who were complaining that the duo are getting repetitive, have got some variety as well. What more can one ask for!

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  1. i really loved all d sngs…! U r right,afreen by rahat is far far betr dan salim’s original,salim is best in khuda ke liye,shradha pandit is best 4 d sng…lyrics by amitabh s great as always! also kailash kher s d right choice 4 bismillah,one of d bst sufi sng hv been arrived ds year..brilliant! Habibi habibi s realy njoyable too…overall aazaan s anothr decent album frm d duo…der s not a single dull moment in d album..

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