Amit Sial: Man and the arms

I am not too keen a follower of movies or theater, but of course I try to remember every big name in music. Big means a name related to whatever I like in music. And one such name I remembered some two days ago, when I was listening to the songs of Saheb Biwi aur Gangster. The name was of Amit Sial, who has composed a very lovely ‘main ek bhanwra’ that is sung by Shail Hada. In case you haven’t seen the music review of the movie and haven’t heard the song, please do. At least listen to the song.

So it was a huge coincidence that I got to see the man a day after, in Naseeruddin Shah’s play ‘Arms and the Man’ at Chowdiah Memorial Hall yesterday, and I must say I was impressed with his acting skills. No, I didn’t know it was him until the end of the play, though I knew he’s there in the cast and was expecting the character to be him, thinking something like ‘if this is the man who has composed that song, he’s a real talent, doing such great job in multiple areas.’ And I was glad to know it was him, playing the role of Captain Bluntschli.

At the end of the play, though, I couldn’t meet him as the majority of my friends wanted to meet Ratna Pathak Shah, and then it was not possible to meet all of them in the given time. Still, I hope there will be times in future when I’d be able to paste a photograph, and if possible a small interview with the man with so many arms. That reminds me of his dialog in the play where he says to Sergius that he works in artillery and has his choice of weapons. If that’s how he composes and acts, he indeed has his choice of weapons.

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