Stand By (2011): Music Review (Aadesh Shrivastav)

With Aadesh’s so-enthusiastic music, Ladd baapu is excruciatingly long with its five and a quarter minutes, even though the lyrics are not bad. The song is a bit noisy but maybe some good publicity and a good video can make it likable. As of now, strictly okay.

Khel Khel mein, again sung by Aadesh and Shaan with Harshit added, is a nice one, especially for background purpose. The song isn’t too fast paced, so it won’t be instantly liked, but in its own time it should work well with the good lyrics and the kind of melody it has. Worth a try.

When Sunidhi’s Din duba started, for some time I felt that with a little different arrangements (with a slight acoustic touch to it) and Sunidhi’s vocals, the song might be something quite new, but the quality did not last for the entire four and half minutes, going banal especially at the end of first antara. Still the song is not bad, if you listen to it for a few times.

The album also has three instrumentals for all three tracks, and while they’re not bad, I didn’t understand why they run for the entire length of the song.

Anyway, the album overall is of course not too great, but that wasn’t expected either. With a good Khel Khel mein, an okay din duba and a noisy ladd bapu, the album is just okay.

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