Music Review: Chitkabrey – Shades of Grey (Akshay Bafila)

The small album of total five tracks starts with Aaj Chalein hum, sung by Shaan and Pamela Jain. Somehow I did not have much expectations from the song and as the song unfolded, it came true. Though the lyrics are fine, the arrangements are banal and tune is not too great. Passable.

The next song, Chinese Khushi sung by Sumitra Iyer, has a short, commonplace melody on which Sumitra seems to be trying too hard. Anyway, the lyrics of the song may sound a bit interesting as they go ‘Chinese khushi saali nikli meri,’ but I guess that lasts for two lines only.

Now let me come to what made me write this review. Rekha Rao’s Dhoop Chhaon is not something hugely interesting, but the melody of the song is good and the lyrics are kind of nice, to some extent even like typical romantic shayari but still interesting. Rekha Rao, singer of mostly regional movies, sings a good song here.

The other thing I liked in the album is Prarthana sung by Pamela Jain. The light music with easy arrangements, chorus, and old echo-like effects may remind you of old songs, like the one in Guddi, but the main thing here is that the song is nice. In fact heard a good song of this type in long time.

And after that, I would leave Chinese Khushi remix where it is. In noise.

Overall, Chitkabrey, as expected, is not really an album to listen to, but still the two songs, Dhoop Chhaon, and more than that Prarthana, are good. You can try them if you have ears for old kind of songs made in this new age.

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  1. within the limitataions d songs of chitkabrey ig aptly good…seeems a new music director or be the maiden venture under so many instructions and no freedom …the composer has shown good…two songs dhoop chhaon and prarthana are awesome…its sad tht yuo dont listen commonly…thanks to extremely poor promos…hats off to the composer…first album with content of prayer,sufiana and kawali flavour in dhoop chhaon,thn chineese khusi..and thn light college mood ‘aaj chalen hum..i see a good potential in music director

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