Mere Brother ki Dulhan: Music Review (Sohail Sen)

Sohail Sen for the first time gets something worthwhile outside Ashutosh Gowariker’s camp, and he looks keen on making it big. Here is a review of his entry into YRF, Mere Brother ki Dulhan.

The album starts with the title song Mere Brother ki Dulhan, a fast paced, quickly addictive, likable number with some interesting lyrics from Irshad Kaamil sung by KK.

I was still in the first song when a chorus broke into some rocky words and Neha Bhasin into Dhunki Dhunki Dhunki laage. While the music is lovely, it’s Neha who surprises me with her lovely singing here. She’s been good in some Salim-Sulaiman songs earlier, in Fashion, as well as Pyaar Impossible, but this could be the song that would restate her entry into Hindi film industry.

The next song Chhoo Mantar is, I would say, a typical Sohail Sen piece, with his signature beats, and if I didn’t know it from the cover, I’d say is sung by him as well. Yes, it’s bad how I still don’t get Benny Dayal’s voice after so many of his songs that I completely love. Aditi Singh Sharma is as soft and husky with her voice here as she always is.

Isq Risk, the next song, sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, gives a little small surprise in the beginning as you hear a radio (read AIR) style prologue to the song, telling whose music and words the song has. Sohail Sen’s melody is a bit ’90s in its treatment, but with Rahat singing, the song sounds pretty nice. Irshad Kamil’s words are lovely here.

Ali Zafar’s only entry in the soundtrack, Madhubala is simply enjoyable. I don’t think I want to use any other word for the song. It’s his signature ‘Masti’ that literally shows up here, nicely supported by Shweta Pandit.

Shahid Mallya, another name that is a bit new for me, is growing up quite fast nowadays. After Naina wali Whiskey in Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande and with Mausam lined up for him, it’s the third place I have seen his name in this week, for Do Dhaari Talwar here. The song, with a little Punjabi flavor in it, mostly because of Shahid’s singing style and percussion based arrangements, is quite fast paced and enjoyable, though doesn’t look like very long lasting.

Overall, MBKD is a typical Yashraj album with songs that will be liked instantly by the public. Be it the title song or Dhunki, Isq risk or Madhubala, the composer is quite clear on what he wants the song to do and I feel that it would be a big plus for the movie. Go buy it if you like typical hit soundtracks of Bollywood.

PS: One interesting thing about the album is that even though Yashraj use a new composer here, many of the singers are the ones who have sung a lot for YRF, with their regular composers Salim-Sulaiman, especially Benny Dayal, Neha Bhasin and Shweta Pandit.

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  1. @Anfaal

    I was thinking about programmers when I listened to Haal-e-dil, as Harshit Saxena, an all new composer, completely sounded like Sharib-Toshi and now with Phhir the vice versa happened.

    But here Chhoomantar sounded like typical Sohail stuff. Almost like aa le chal mujhe sapnon ke nagar, though, it does matter a lot who programmed them. I still think music arrangers are the most uncredited species at present. Will check out n let u know. 🙂

  2. I am hooked to the album, wasn’t expecting this dhinchak type of music from Sohail considering his previous works.
    But hats off to him for composing such different numbers.
    Eagerly waiting for Mausam’s music to see what Pritam has in store.
    P.S. Isq Risk Remix starting is very similar to 3 Doors Down’s (an english rock band) track Here without you remix with Jay Z

  3. A mention about isk risk. I read a couple of reviews and found everyone complaining that rfak is getting monotonous,singing d same songs. Thats wrong. This is his genre.he’s an ace,and yet again proves it. If i found a rfak track matching his vocals of o re piya,it is this song.brilliant.

  4. @Liverach

    I’d not say much about genres. I don’t have an official knowledge of this thing and I just try to use the terms that can make people understand what I want to tell.

    As for her voice, I totally agree. Had liked her voice in that song in Pyaar Impossible, the one with Benny…. U n I. but here it’s just wonderful.

  5. Actually i loved every song of this movie specially choomantar….. and i am really so much excited to watch this movie, Even i loved every song of this movie……. i was waiting for so long for this movie to release, Guys i’ve already booked online 1st day 1st show tickets from Wave Cinemas….. i think me and my friends really gonna have so much fun 2moro. fingers crossed.

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