Force (2011): Music Review (Harris Jayaraj, Lalit Pandit)

Harris Jayaraj is here.

After Kakka Kakka and Gharshana, the song that is Khwabon Khwabon here, is as good as it was back in 2003 and 2004. Yes, it has the potential to be a rage here as well, especially with the Gibberish Suchitra is performing for the third time. Do listen.

The next, Chahoon bhi is nothing less than awesome. Bombay Jaishree sings the gem with her usual superbness, but when Karthik enters the song, the quality goes only up. A superb, lovely, slow, must-listen number. Hats off to Harris Jayaraj. As far as I know, it’s a new composition by him. Let me know if I am wrong there.

Dum hai to Aaja, composed by Lalit Pandit and sung by Mahua Kamat, is a simple tune with not-too-hard rock style. Lalit Pandit is not too great with his music, nor are the lyrics too great. Mahua could be better, and the same goes for the song.

Main Chali, again a composition of Harris, clearly states his re-entry in the album within seconds. The song sung by Naresh Iyer and Shreya singing reminds me of the earlier days of Rahman, or to some extent Ghajini in its arrangement. Totally worth a try, especially for the variety of music he has put in one song. And yes, it is Shreya Ghoshal only, a little difficult to believe at some points, even though she sings in her typical style.

For the last song again, you don’t need the album’s cover to decide who has composed this one. Harris this time brings in Vijay Prakash, Shalini Singh and Neha Bhasin for Dil ki hai Tamanna. The music is light and simple, with basic, light arrangements, while vocals take priority once again, and Vijay Prakash just amazes with his voice. Neha Bhasin’s voice is well used too.

Overall, Force is awesomeness from Harris. The only thing I am wondering about is why the producers asked Lalit for a song. With this kind of music, even Munni would not fit well.

If you’re one for quality music, Go. Buy.

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  1. Harris is one of the finest composers in south. He did the copy work of Khwaboon song from the original tamil version uyirin uyirae song as the the director’s request. He rocks.. If he is going to give many compositions in bollywood definitely he will shine and all these pritam salim sulaiman etc have to go beg for chances.. HARRIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Replying on copy cat work, the film itself is a remake of Kaakha Kaakha. Vipul Shah (producer) requested Harris to reuse Uyirin Uyire song for the Hindi remake & compose 3 new tracks. If the boss gives you an expectation (and pays you for it), you don’t deny it, you deliver it. Plain and simple.

    On topic, Harris sir rocks! Force songs on repeat (minus Lalit Pandit’s “Bonus track.”) Heard 7am Arivu will be dubbed in Hindi (probably as The Seventh Sense) so fingers crossed that we get those chartbusters by the Murugadass – Harris combo (after Tamil Ghajini!)

  3. That Main Chali is Mix and Match between “manasa” in Telugu & “Mudhal Mazhi” (Mid Segment) in Tamil. “Chahun Bhi” is fantastic & Typical Harris. “Dil Ki Hai” Sounds a LOT like “Hossana”. Harris is terrific but he must Add Lot more Variety. But still Not Even Close to Rahman!! I Guess No one is.

  4. @ Ashley @Ujwal Wonder what song? It is the Maalai neram song from the film Aayirathil Oruvan. The similarities are not much to consider. I would call it an inspiration. And to say further, it is characteristic of harris songs to have a deja vu feeling but not all the time. Main chali appears similar to nenu nuvvantu from orange (telugu) again music by hj. I find no fault in recycling tunes to give awesome foot tapping numbers. I am a fan of HJ and ARR

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