Zindagi na Milegi Dobara: Music Review

Kab tak ginen hum dhadkanein, dil jaise dhadke dhadakne do has that soul that is found in Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy-Farhan combos, that gives you the confidence to ‘do’ something, a Lakshya thing. Joi Barua sings for SEL in this one. Ik Junoon (Paint it Red) is a poppish one that goes to its limited highs in a way that it will be slowly, but highly addictive.

Khwabon ke Parindey has Alyssa singing a beautiful song in her sweet, eclectic voice, while Mohit supports her. Alyssa does a Caralisa in this one, almost going the Phir dekhiye style, though the song is slightly higher on notes compared to that one.

Senorita sung by Hrithik, Farhan, Abhay and Maria Del Mar Fernandez is gonna be the attraction of the album as the three actors seem to be doing good not only in singing but dancing as well. Lovely.

Shankar Mahadevan gives his first solo appearance in Der Lagi Lekin, Maine jeena seekh liya. I think the line says a lot about the song. Javed Akhtar’s positive lyrics have been sung by Shankar with all ease and in a way that the song appeals to you the very first time, to grow on you more, every time you listen to it. DO listen.

Loy, Dominique, Clinton Cerejo. You know what type the song is gonna be as soon as you read the names. A techno-techno Sooraj ki Baahon mein is nothing too new as far as arrangements are concerned, but the composition has got some simple-addictive-good beats and you learn four lines the first time you listen. You know what it means, don’t you? Hey Yeah!

In To Zinda ho tum. Farhan Akhtar renders his dad’s words as a poem with some music in the background, something that tends to inspire you, but though the words are good and well rendered, probably they are a bit too less. Could have been more, and thus better.

As for remixes, Ik Junoon remix is even more addictive than the actual song I guess, though Senorita Remix is not as interesting as the original.

Overall, ZNMD is something to celebrate, like you see in the movie. Do go for it. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy are there again.

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  1. ZNMD: Slow poison. Rock On!! is an album which many people had written off since the very 1st day, but it has become a huge hit,even DCH didn’t get great reviews. And the trend goes with Lakshya, Luck By Chance but all have faired extremely well.

  2. Hey!

    Great review as usual although I dont quite agree with the overall review. It is a mundane and a full album with the same tunes and same alaaps by shankar mahadevan again. There was a time when Anand milind had a typical tabla flute sound to their music and you could relate immediately that it is an anand milind song.

    Sadly, same has happened with SEL as well. Same tunes…same sound…nothing new

    Except senorita, there is nothing new.


  3. @Rohit

    Soul of Lakshya, Alyssa does a Caralisa, You know what type the song is gonna be when you see the names… all these are nice ways to say ‘there is nothing new, but I still loved the songs.’

    n I guess I missed it, but I was gonna write that Der lagi lekin seems to be coming straight out of Luck By Chance, much like O rahi re.

    But then if u disagree with the album still being good, I’d prefer to disagree only.

    Thanks for the comment. : )

  4. Okay I’ll post again nevertheless.

    I love the Album – Senorita, Khwabon Kay Parinday are top notch and Ik Junoon and Suraj Ki Bahoon are highly listenable.

    Can’t see what people are complaining about, maybe one or two tracks sound like rehash of their old works, but overall the album is super. Give it a few listens, will sure grow on ya.

  5. This is definitely one of those types of albums that grow slowly on you. I really, really like it!

    I find Senorita slighhhtly gimmicky, but its cute I guess haha. I do kinda feel a little cool understanding some of the Spanish bits xD teehee

    Otherwise, I’m really addicted to Ik Junoon, it has a great summer vibe, very pleasant on the ears.

    And my FAAAAVORITE by far is Khwaabon ke Parinde <3 I know SEL always have a slow ballady song, but this is kinda unique compared to their others. It's much more upbeat, and its much more.. I dunno. haha, I think Alyssa is a great asset to the song, and I feel that her voice sounds the least electronicish and processed than her others. It sounds GREAT! and i felt its sorta tough to overpower a singer like Mohit Chauhan, but he barely gets noticed in this song (by me haha).

  6. ^ that, I agree with. They definitely stuck with the trad. flamenco rhythm

    what I found gimmicky was making the actors themselves sing. I know it’s a cute idea, and they don’t sound bad at all, but I feel that hiring prof. singers would’ve enhanced the song, very similar to the songs sung by Farhan Akhtar in Rock On
    just my opinion

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