Singham: Music Review (Ajay-Atul)

Ajay-Atul might be a new name for an average Hindi music listener, but for those who are into Marathi music in the slightest, Ajay Gogavale and Atul Gogavale are definitely not new. After their smaller stints in Hindi movies like Viruddh, finally they are here in a popular, big budget typical Bollywood movie, Rohit Shetty’s Singham. And they seem good here as well.

The album starts with the title song, sung by none other than Sukhwinder Singh. Sukhiji, who has Omkara and Dabangg to his credits, gets even more serious here and the song does not only have a catchy title rhythm, but a good antara as well, giving us a quality title song. Sukhwinder’s voice has been given some effects here, but interestingly, the rock-solid voice is sounding good with them as well. Nice start.

Badmash Dil. Oops, Saathiya. Well, whatever be the title of the song, Ajay-Atul come up with a superbly lovely romantic number sung by Shreya Ghoshal, supported by Ajay Gogavale himself, giving it a breeze that is nowadays found only in Mohit Chauhan’s songs. Do listen to it.

The last, yes, the third and the last original song of the album, has a relatively unthinkable combination of Richa Sharma and Kunal Ganjawala who sing Maula Maula together. The song has a Qawwali-ish mood though it’s not a full-fledged Qawwali, but what is best in the song is that the melody and the overall music of the song are good and while likable at the first listening, the song will still take time to completely grow on you.

Another good thing about the album is that out of three, two remixes also sound more-than-average, and the third isn’t bad either.

In short, Singham is an album to listen to. Do buy, do listen.

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8 thoughts on “Singham: Music Review (Ajay-Atul)”

  1. As usual Ajay-Atul has once again composed awesome songs n I am quite sure they r going to rock in Bollywood too…

  2. i like all three songs,AJAY – ATUL give nice music for singham,i am shore all three songs will becomes popular.

  3. It’s cool Music given by AA…. They always rocks…
    Dont forget they have given us Vishwvinayaka…….

    They already proved them selves in Marathi And Tamil….
    Now the time for Bolywood….
    Specially I like Maula from this album

  4. They already proved them selves in Marathi And Tamil….
    Now the time for Bolywood….
    Aisa lagata hai ke wo bahut pehlese bollywood me Music de rahe hai
    Specially I like Maula from this album

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